Our Final Time We Meet (1D Love Story)

this story is about this girl named Ashley;) she is just living her life when suddenly she meets all of one Direction in England she invites over friends Victoria and Jully over to England we all hang out and,There's new lovers and more problems ..Ashley Suddenly falls in love and things get heated :) :p IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN includes drama, people!! ;p #LWWY


19. Family Party

Ashley P.O.V.

Today was the day of the party and everybody agreed to go i was so happy i wanted to show everybody my boyfriend. 

I woke up at 10:00 am and the party started at 2:00 om so we had time. I decided to wear black skinny jeans and a white blouse that had a bow tie with a little blue and i wore black studded high heels. It was now 10:30 and i went back to my room and sat on the floor. Harry was already awake and he was in the bathroom and i sat on the floor and watched tv. Harry got out and i texted everyone what they were gonna wear and if they were gonna get ready. Louis wanted me to come over and help him pick out what he was going to wear i guess he wanted to make a good first impression on my family. 

I walked into Louis room and he had 3 outfits. 

Outfit #1: Light blue blouse and black skinny jeans with black shoes.

Outfit #2: White v-neck shirt and khakis with black shoes

Outfit #3: Stripped shirt with black skinny jeans and red TOMS

Louis: "Which one?"

Me: "I like the first one its simple yet effective" 

Louis: "Okay I'll wear that"

Louis: "What are you gonna wear?"

Me: "You'll see soon"

By now it was about 11:30.

Me: "I'm going to go take a shower and get ready"

Louis: "Okay see you in a bit"

I walked back into my and Harry's room and he had two outfits layed out on the bed.

Outfit #1: White blouse, bow tie, black skinny jeans, navy blue blazer

Outfit #2: Black v-neck, black skinny jeans and a leather jacket.

Me: "I like this one" I pointed at outfit number 1.  

Harry: "Okay its more my style anyways" 

Me: "Yeah totally"

I texted Zayn and he asked if he could bring Perrie and I said sure i like her she was fun. I went to the bathroom and i took a shower after 10 minutes i came out and i dried myself i took Victoria's perfume it was Justin Bieber's girlfriend. I'll tell you a secret she is a huge Justin Bieber fan another thing her and Niall have in common what a cute couple. I changed into my outfit and i had to use Victoria's straighter i don't even know why she has it her hair is naturally straight and i mean like pin straight i guess i will never know. I went to her and Niall's room and i knocked on the door and Niall answered. 

Niall: "Hey"

Me: "Hi"

I walked in and i saw Victoria.

Me: "Can i use your straighter?" 

Victoria: "Yea sure" 

Victoria: "How do i look?" 

She was wearing a black dress and beige high heels. 

Me: "Good"

Niall: "Sexy" 

Victoria: "Thanks Ashley and thanks baby you look sexy too"

Niall went over to Victoria and they started kissing. 

Me: "I'm going to go now"

Victoria: "Okay oh and Ashley you look good too" 

I straightened my hair and i guess when Victoria was done making out with Niall she came to help and we went to Liam, Jully & Zayn's room to see if they were ready. It was like 12:30 so we could kill some time. Zayn was wearing a Black v-neck, leather jacket, khakis and some clack shoes and a hat. Liam was wearing a plaid shirt, black skinny jeans and white converse. Jully was wearing a dark purple dress and black high heels. 

It was already 1:00 so i told everyone to come down to the lobby and quickly i went and met Louis in his room. I saw him and told him everybody was downstairs.

Louis: "You look beautiful as always"

Me: "Awe thanks baby you look hot too"

Louis: "Thanks"  

We went down to the car and we got in and Louis drove i told him the directions and we arrived after two hours later and it was really far but it was okay because my family was used to me being late. We arrived and i hugged all my family and cousins. I was holding Louis hand and i introduced him and the rest of the boys. Jully and Victoria already knew my Mom, Dad, Sister and brothers. They seemed to like them and i was really happy because of that. i told my mom that i wanted to live in England but they didn't agree with that, but i finally got them to say yes. We were talking to everyone and Louis seemed to really like my family. We ate and Niall really liked the Spanish food. We hanged out with my cousins and i missed them a lot. The party started to die down and i was drinking a beer and i handed one to Louis and the others drank and i was dancing to the music and we left when it was like 7:00 and i said good bye to my family and so did the others. We left Zayn with Perrie and Perrie sat on Zayn's lap they were so cute. I remember having fun with my friends they were fangirling. One of my friends were talking to Harry and she gave Harry a piece of paper i think it was her number.  

We returned to the hotel and Perrie had to leave to go on tour with her band and we had to drop her off at her hotel so we did and we went to our hotel.

Zayn: "Well that was fun"

Me: "Yeah"

We all headed to our rooms and i went to mine and Harry's room.

Me: "I see you got a piece of paper is that a number from a friend of mines?"

Harry: "Yeah i like her" 

Me: "Cute! She's nice"

Harry: "Yeah"

Me: "Well I'm going back to Louis room"

Harry: "Are you gonna?"

Me: "No! But why should you care?"

Harry: "Oh remember i told you the next time i wanna watch"

Me: "Eww harry really?" 

Harry: "Why not" He shrugged his shoulder and smirked. 

Me: "Just no" 

Harry: "Okay..."

I walked to get my pj's on and i did and i brushed my teeth and headed to Louis room i think tomorrow the boys were going to have their first concert and stuff. Hopefully Louis can wake me up early so i could go get ready and stuff and i just slept with Louis on his bed. 

A/N: Hey guys! Hope you liked the chapter thanks for reading.


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