Our Final Time We Meet (1D Love Story)

this story is about this girl named Ashley;) she is just living her life when suddenly she meets all of one Direction in England she invites over friends Victoria and Jully over to England we all hang out and,There's new lovers and more problems ..Ashley Suddenly falls in love and things get heated :) :p IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN includes drama, people!! ;p #LWWY


8. Birthday games and fun outside

 The next morning i noticed we were all in the room i was. I saw Louis sleeping with me, suddenly i had to pee so i was walking to the bathroom. I tripped on someone i looked to see who it was and i saw Harry. 

Me: "oww"

Harry: "oh sorry"

Me: "no.. im fine" 

I got off of Harry and went into the bedroom. I went back to bed where Louis was. 

Louis: "hi love". Then he kissed me. 

Me: "good morning." We cuddled for a bit. 

Louis: "your birthday is in two days". 

Me: "i know"

We got up and got ready for something, Louis told me that it was a surprise . I went and took a shower and got changed into black skinny jeans and a shirt I bought from forever 21. I got on my TOMS, my hair was naturally curled and Louis had a jacket that he usually wear with jeans a shirt and TOMS.

Louis: "wow that's a hot outfit" He said while blushing.

Me: "aw thanks you look hot too" i said while winking at him. 

We left a note on the bed and it said 'we'll be back we went out bye - love Ashley & Lou. xoxo'. We went out Louis grabbing his keys, we went down the lobby form the hotel holding hands and we came out and there was lots of paparazzi taking pictures and asking questions. Louis was holding my hand and the security came up and told the paparazzi to back up. We got in the car and Louis told me to put a blind fold on. So i did and it was a long drive but we finally got there. I was surprised Louis took me to this park where it was near the cafe where I met the boys at first. We started talking about us and the boys and stuff it was like the best. 

Me: "Lou?"

Louis: "yeah babe?"

Me: "do you know your my first love?" 

Louis: "no... but I'll be honest you were totally different from my other girlfriends before"

Me: "good different?" 

Louis: "Yea totally." He smiled at me and went in for a kiss and i kissed him back. 

I really love Louis. He's everything i never had. He's so sweet he has my heart and always will. 

Louis: "it's getting a bit dark love, let's go back" 

Me: "yea sure babe"

We drove back to the hotel it was about 9:00 pm some people were sleeping meaning the boys, Jully and Victoria. So i decided to go to my room with Louis. Okay i won't lie i never lost my virginity. I got changed into my shorts and a tank top. Louis decided to change into hot pajamas i think he wanted it. 

Louis P.O.V.

Damn Ashley looked good. She has such a nice body and everything is just so hot. I got turned on. 

Ashley P.O.V.


I went into bed with Louis and we started cuddling and kissing. We started getting hardcore his hand were going down my body. Then we whispered to me "do you wanna?" i just nodded my head. He started licking my down my neck to my shoulder while he was on top of me. It was my turn so i rolled over and now i was on top of him gripping him making out. We were giving each other tongue. I started to lick his neck and i went lower and lower until i heard him moan. He loved it I started gripping and licked his abs and he started to moan. He gripped me and he rolled me over and whispered in a sexy, deep, raspy voice "my turn". He started on top of me and he licked my tickle spots while i moaned in pleasure  He started to thrust inside me in and out at the moment it felt so good. I started pulling on his hair and i moaned in enjoyment "aww Louis it feels so good." I felt like i was in a different world. He kept on thrusting and i moaned. "My turn" i whispered in his ear. I started to kiss his neck and i bit his lip while i kissed him. and i started licking his abs. For like an hour. 


We did that the most of the night. I whispered into his ear.

Me: "i had a great time." 

Louis: "it was so good".

He said in a sexy deep British voice. OMG his accent kills me. I wanted more. We finally fell asleep and we slept like babies. 

We woke up to each other and i looked at him.

Me: "Hey"

Louis: "Hey".

It became kind of awkward so i went into the washroom and took a bath while Louis went and watched tv. I changed into a hoodie with skinny jean. I came out and i told Louis to go take a shower. He grabbed his towel and while we walked pass me he slapped my ass. 

Louis: "That was great" 

Me: "I know" 

We decided to go to Jully and Victoria's room. Everyone was awake. 

Jully: "did you have some fun last night?" 

Me: "what do you mean?"

Jully: "you and Louis did it right!?" 

Me and Louis were just standing there awkwardly.

Me: "whatever, anyways so yea" I said trying to break the silence.

Victoria: "omg i just remembered something it's Ashley b-day in one day!! yay!" She said very excitedly. 

Me: "yea. shit i gotta go get some things you boys should hang out while me and the girls go out."

Harry: "ok" 

Niall: "yeah"

Liam: "Would you boys like to go to a restaurant?"

Niall: "NANDOS!"

Me: "haha okay girls.. SHOPPING!" 

Victoria: "i do have a name you know." I shrugged and Niall ran up to her. 

Niall: "i know your name and it is beautiful just like you" She made a cute face and they started to kiss. 

Me: "hey you love bird come on i wanna go shopping." 

They broke apart and Victoria walked over to where i was. 


Harry: "yes mother" 

Me: "I am not your mother" 

Harry: "okay" Harry said while frowning and looking down. 

Jully: "I'll be everyone's mother" 

Victoria: "Shut up Jully you are the youngest of all of us" 

Harry still looked sad.

Me: "okay Harry you are my brother."

he smiled and hugged me and i hugged him back. We were like brother and sister but dirty minded. 

Harry: "okay be safe sis and no flirting." Louis looked back. 

Me: "i wont i promise. bro bye muaahhh" 

Me, Victoria and Jully all went shopping while the boys went to a restaurant. 

A/N: Sprry I've tried to figure out what to write, yes this chapter is graphic *WARNING* I will try to update more. I LOVE YOU! guys espeacially my directioner buddies. Stay tuned. 












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