autumm love

a girl named chole is homeless, she has no where to go . but whe niall horan from the one and only one direction bumps into her. her life changes for ever, for the best or the worst.


7. wedding time.

It was around 1 month till I got married and I was starting to get butterflies in my belly, I still haddent gotten my dress yet so I thought I should go and get it today with a few people. I asked harry and he said he could go but zayn said he couldn’t make it so me and harry went off shopping for dresses. We arrived at the store and imedently everyone knew me as niall horans soon to be wife, we got some one to help and went to an area of the store no one was really aloud. They told us that this is were they let celebs get cheap dresses.  There was two beautiful dresses that I adored , one was a ball gown and the other was a mermaid style.

“ omg they are beautiful, can I try these on please?”  I ask

“ sure thing follow me if you would.”  The kind lady stated.

                So I followed her and we got to the room and I tried them on the first one fit perfectly it flattered me in all the right places, I loved it

Sorry for the random stop in the story but I wanted to show you all the dresses that are being mentioned in the story.

The first one is this one that is the ball gown-

The second one is the mermaid one -

Any way back to the story have a nice day J


                I walked out the fitting room and towards where harry was sitting, I turned the corner and you could see that he loved this dress.

“ twirl for me lil sister.” He smiled.

                I twirled and I fell inlove with the dress this was the one I wanted.

“ can I have this one please”  I started tearing up im so happy, I got the dress I love and im marry the person to which means the world to me my life is pure bliss.

We walked out the store without the dress due to it being fitted and all, once we got home harry stayed for a bit the left. Niall was playing his video games so I go over to him and sit down.

“ can I play? “ I asked him with a smile.

He giggled, “ sure here you go, im gald I have you in my life” he paused “  im still going to kick your butt.” He smiled and kissed my cheek.

“ your on! “  I shouted with excitement.

                We played for hours when I look at the clock it was 11pm. We played for ages wow,  I sit down my controller and go to the couch grab the blanket and go back over to niall and sit dow with my head on his lap all cuddled up in my blanket I soon fell asleep. He never woke me up instead he laid down beside me and fell asleep next to me. the following week was our wedding you can tell niall was nervous because he wasn’t eating a whole lot, me on the other had was eatingthe amount I usally eat . the following days up to the wedding was filled with appointments for my dress fittings,  the day of the wedding as arrived. I got my dress on and my hair all done and my makeup done. My hair was half up half down with curls all over. My make up was neautral because I don’t like wearing too much makeup I think its too over powering.  Once we were all done I look around and my tummy is going 10 to the dozen it was crazy. Nialls mum came over to me with a smile.

“ are you ready sweety” 

“ I think I am, im so happy to be married to your son well getting married, you all are amazing thank you for accepting me into your family.” I said with joy.

She looked at me, “ honey you  are welcome , niall loves you to the moon and back he never shuts up about you and to me your one of the sweetest girls ive ever met.”

                I really loved his family the were caring and loving. Someone comes round the corner and tells us its time, wow im going to be Chole Horan in less than 10 minutes. I make my way to the asileand niall turns around and tears stream down  his face , tears start to stream down mine as well we stare at each other for a few minutes before the guy marrys us.

“ I know by the power invested in me pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride.”  He spoke.

                Niall lifted me up and twirled me around while kissing me passionately , this day was spectacular. After the kiss we took our first walk down the aisle as husband and wife. Tears still dorwing our eyes but that wasn’t stopping us we were so inlove it was crazy. Finally the reception was here, niall and I walk to our table after we had our first dance and might I add was beautiful. Anyway after supper we went to cut the cake I took the slice and smashed it nialls face , I giggled because he had icing on his nose. I thought this was adorable, he returned the favour with doing the same to me . the turned into a cake war. It was just like the popcorn one but this time cake wasn’t all over us. The night turned out great, amazing even this was the rest of my life and I was looking forward to this.

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