autumm love

a girl named chole is homeless, she has no where to go . but whe niall horan from the one and only one direction bumps into her. her life changes for ever, for the best or the worst.


2. the house.

The cool crisp air was turning my cheeks a light shade of pink, leafs were flying all over. Niall was humming away to his ipod. As we turn the corner there are around 3-4 houses in the complex. One was smaller with quite a few windows were as the other two were larger with many window. 

“ well take a guess to which one is mine?”  he smirked.

“ um this one? “ I point towards the larger homes but he shakes his head and leads me towards the smaller house. He takes my hand and wraps his fingers in between mine. His hand felt warm in mine and I felt secure like we were the only people in the world. Was I falling for him?

                As we walked into the hallway, I let my ears wander around the room. Family pictures hang from from the wooden walls and a light sent of cinimion was in the air.

“ this is amazing niall, its so cozy!” I say with a huge smile on my face.

“ why thank you , I don’t really need a fancy house since im away most times touring about and what not.” I could see him blushing a little or maybe that was just the cool air from out side.

“ I cant get over the place though, im amazed.” I could still smell the faint smell of cinimon mixed with the air from outside,

He chuckled “ well im glad you like it, here let me show you to your room.”

                As we walked up the stairs to a small hallway with 4 doors he leads me to the one at the very end of the hallway, as he opens the door ass I can think about it how lucky I am to have met him and how kind he was to have let me into his home. Not many famous people would do this but he, he was different, in a good way of course.

“ well this is your room.” He said as he way showing me around the room. A double bed placed by the window with a blue comfirtor and quilted blanket. A drawer set with a mirror ontop and a bookcase filled almost full of books. This was simple gobsmacking.

“ wow.”  That was all I could say. Nothing more could come out my mouth.

“ do you like it? “ he questioned.

“ I love it!”  I smiled and turned to him.

“ thank you so much, you didn’t need to do all this niall.” I said.

He chuckled  while blushing, “ believe me for a beautiful girl like you it’s the least I could do,”

All I could do was smile and blush, I was so taken by his words.  I sat on the bed and he walked out the room. Niall came back a few minutes later with a piar of his sweat pants and a tshirt of his.

“ here you go love.”  He said while handing me the clothing

“ aweh, thank you niall.”  I smile at him and get up of my bed and hug him. I felt safe and warm in his arms. I haven’t felt like this in a long time.

I laugh as I say “ do you mind if I change into them right now?”

He giggles “  I will just leave then”

As he walks out he shuts the door and I take the shirt and pants ‘wow’ they smelt wonderful. I slip off my  clothes and slip into the clothes he gave me.  i walk up to the mirror to check how I looked and grab a brush that was laying on the unit and give my hair a brush, I leave it down as I couldn’t really be bothered to put it into a pony tail or even a bun.  I begin to walk down stairs but then I hear someone humming all I could think was it was just the radio but then as I got into the living room I see niall sitting on the couch by the window humming to ‘ live while were young’ .

He looks up and a smile floods his face.

“you look spectacular chole!”

“ haha well thank you.” I smile right back. I go down and sit next to him, and he looks at me.

“ we need to go shopping tomorrow.”  He said excited

“ sure but I have no money”  I look down and sulk a little bit.

“ that’s ok I will pay don’t you worry about it!” I could feel the warm from his smile.

                I finally found some one who cared about me and was generally worried as well. I look at him and nod my head. I placed my head on his shoulder and drift off into a deep sleep.

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