autumm love

a girl named chole is homeless, she has no where to go . but whe niall horan from the one and only one direction bumps into her. her life changes for ever, for the best or the worst.


3. shopping & love.

The sun was shinging through the window, brids were chirping, and the smell of bacon filled the room. I got off the soft green couch and made my way to the kitchen.

“Good morning cutie.” Niall said.

I chuckled, “ good morning handsome.”

                It felt weird calling him handsome since we weren’t together but hey what am I going to do.

“ do you want some bacon?” he asked.

“ sure, why not.” I smiled.

                He set down a plate, with bacon and a few pieces of toast on it. After we ate I went up stairs to get ready I had a shower and towel tried my hair, I got my tshirt and hoodie paired with my darkwash skinny jeans, I put my hair in a pony tail and head down stairs to were niall was sitting. He was texting away wheni entered the room.

“ who you texting?”  I questioned with a small smile.

“ just harry.”  He spoke with his eyes shining in the light of a new day.

“ ok.”  I sat down by the fire on the red rug.

                The warm of the fire soon got me all toasty warm, my eyes got lost in the dancning flames. That soon ended when niall snuck up behind me and scared me.

“omg! What was that for?”  I couldn’t help but laugh, I gave him a little nudge.

“ no reason “  he said.

“ you my friend are mean, so what we doing today?”  I asked.

“ well, I was thinking we go shopping for you to get you some clothes.”  I could see his smile grow quite large.

I looked at him, “ you know you don’t need to spend money on me right?”

“ I know I don’t but I really want to.” He cheeks went a fairly light shade of pink.

                We went off in his car to the mall, went to a few store some of them I have never heard of. He got me to try on this super pretty dress that was way too expensize, it was flowing purple with some sparkles on it. He insisted I get it, I couldt say no to him so I just nodded. After a few more hours, we got lunch and headed home. Once we got home we went into the living room.

“ you should go and try those clothes on, I wanna see how cute you look.”  His eyes were a lighter shade of blue.

“ if you insit.”  I smile and walk up stairs, first I try on a flowing white shirt ith red skinny jeans and red toms.

“wow you look amazing!”  he was really excited.

I giggle and go try on a few more outfits, the last one I tried my purple sparkly dress. I walk down the stairs and niall was standing there a few feet away from the last step, once he saw me I could swear his jaw dropped to the floor, as I made my way down the steps he got closer to the last one. Once I was on the last step he took my hand.

“ you look increbly beautiful.” His eyes were larger than before and his smile was over a thousand watts.

I blushed, “ thank you.”

“ listen chole, ever since that day I ran into you I couldn’t take my eyes off you,I really like you chole.”  I could hear the sincerity in his voice.

“ will you go out with me?”  he said.

So many thoughts were going trough my head, I couldn’t believe  niall freaking horan asked me to be his girl friend.

“ of course I will.”  Once I said that he lifted me off the step and twirled me around. He gave me a soft kiss on my cheek, I could feel sparks between us. I was so lucky to have found such a caring boyfriend in the world.

                Later that night we sat and cuddled by the fire, he repeditly told me how beautiful I was.

“ thank you niall, for every thing for giving me a roof over my head , food , and some clothes to wear.”

“ your welcome love, you didn’t need too say any of that im so happy to find a girl like you, oh by the way harry is coming over too meet you tomorrow if that’s ok with you?”

“ I cant wait to meet him.”

We smiled at each other and he took his finger and placed it on my chin and lifted my head up , then he pulled me closer and kissed me. wow!  This day was amazing.

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