autumm love

a girl named chole is homeless, she has no where to go . but whe niall horan from the one and only one direction bumps into her. her life changes for ever, for the best or the worst.


4. pool time.

                It was Saturday and this ment I was meeting harry, I was actually quite nervous but I held my head high. I got changed into a purple top that said love and my jeans. I let my hair flow down my back and went downstairs, niall and I ate brakefast and talked about nothing and everything. It was amazing to have someone to do that with.

“so how is my honey bunches of oats?” niall said with a smirk.

I just laughed. “ im quite fine, so im your honey bunches of oats now ?”

“yes, yes you are.” Niall said politely.

                After brakefast we went and just hanged out out side. We still had a few hours to spare till harry arrived. We were just like best friends not like people in love, well we were but we acted like best friends as well. We jumped in to the pool and had a spectacular time.

“ don’t splash me! “  I turned around and splashed him right back.

“ try and stop me”  he spoke as he started to swim closer to me.

“ I will find a way don’t you worry.”  I gave him a smirk, he pulled me closer and took me under water.

Pulled my face close to his and kissed me. I could feel the smile on his face. It was magical.


                After a few more seconds we rised from the water to see a curly haired boy staring at us.

“ aw, you two love birds are so cute!”  he said excitedly.

“ hey man, come in the waters  fine.” Niall spoke.

                Niall splashed harry and then the baby tarzan jumped into the pool. It was so much fun hanging out with harry and niall. They are crazy!  I have to learn how to defend myself from getting thrown in the pool. I wasn’t comlaining though. I went over to the side of the pool and just relaxed, I was such a beautiful day.

“ you really love here don’t you niall?” harry asked niall.

“ I honestly do I cant imagine my life without her she is my everything.” He said.

“ I can tell niall, you  never did say how you two met? “

“ well first off, I was standing waiting for the bus when she crashed into me and I looked in her eyes and I just fell for her, like really badly.” He said with a calm tone.

“ok that’s cute.” Harry said.

                I swam back over to were harry and niall were talking and kissed niall on the cheek and gave harry a hug. Harry was like my brother now, and I was starting to fall for niall really badly. Was I in love with him… a lot.

                After our little pool time we decided it was time for lunch, harry was asking for sandwiches so of course I got ropped into making us all some. I walked into the dining room with a plate of sandwiches and put them in front of the guys. Naturally after about 10 mins they were all gone. We then decided we should take some pictures, just to remind us of this wonderful day. I got a picture with both of the boys, one with harry and one with niall, then I took one with boths the boys by them selfs. After a while harry had to go back and see his mum and sister igave him a hug and niall did also.

“ thanks for coming over harry!” I yelled at him excitedly.

“ your welcome lil sis.”  He said smiling.

I gave him one last hug and walked inside and took a shower while harry and niall where still saying their good byes.

“ she is such a lovely girl niall, you got your nemo.” 

“ I know im so lucy to have her, hey do you think it would be too early to take her on vacation?” he questioned harry.

“ um I wouldn’t say so just no where too crowed like were the fans would find you.”  He explained to niall.

“ hmm what about in hawii?”  he asked.

“ I bet she would love that.”  Harry said giving niall a high five.

                A few minutes later I heard the door shut and niall walk into the living room. I came down stairs with my hair flowing and a tshirt and shorts on. Niall turned his head and saw me, he looked at my with a sparkle in his eye. I ran over to him and jumped in his arms. Gave him a kiss then hugged him.

“ I have a question.” Niall said to me.

“ what is is it love.” I returned a question.

“ would you like to go on vacation with me to hawii?”

                My eyes grew larger than before, I was lost for words.

“ Omg yes !  of course I will!  Thank you ! “ I spoke.

“ its no problem love im just so happy I found you I thought I should treat you to a holiday.” A smile grew upon his face.

                For the rest of the night we just cuddled and talked about our adventures today and everything and anything. Life was perfect I wish I could freeze this moment in time.

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