autumm love

a girl named chole is homeless, she has no where to go . but whe niall horan from the one and only one direction bumps into her. her life changes for ever, for the best or the worst.


9. party time

After the pool we got dryed off and walked into the bathroom to get dryed off, niall got ready first then he handed me his hoodie and my shorts. I jumped into the shower and got all clean, I grabed my towel and got dried off then put my shorts and nialls hoodie on. I towel dried my hair so it wasn’t dry but wasn’t wet either. I brushed it and letit air dry. After this I walked gracefully into our room and out onto the balcony, I looked over the city since it was on the hill. I can smell the fresh breeze of the cherry blossems next door and the birds singing their song to each other. It was a peaceful night. Niall then comes up behind me and grabs my waist and puts his head on my shoulders.

“ hey love, what are you doing?”  he calmly said.

“ just looking out into the city, and think about how im lucky to have found you I know ive said this a million times but thank you.” I softly spoke.

“ babe your worth everything in the world put together, and the city is lovely but its better up here… especially when you’re with the one you love.”  He said.

“ aweh, I have to admit it is quite peaceful up here much more quite than the city and that’s one of the good things.” I say with a smile.

“ are you thinking what im thinking Chole?”  he said with a smirk.

“yup…… PARTY!!!” I screamed.

                But you all were thinking something else didn’t you. Niall called harry and the boys and I got some food and the founde ready. We are such children, I got the music going and started to dance by my self. Then there was a knock at the door but niall got it and it was harry and the boys. Ive never officially met the other boys apart from harry but hey this was the perfect opportunity to. We all soon started dancing and having a blast , once we got a bit tired we put a movie on. I snuggled up with niall harry and Louis were sitting on the loveseat and zayn and liam were on the fluffy carpet on the floor, a while into the movie we all got tired.

“ harry , zayn, liam and Louis, would you want to stay the night you guys can stay in the guest room if you want?”  niall asked.

“ sure!”  they all replied.

                So I went upstairs and set up the two beds in the guest room for the boys while they were al down stairs with niall. The beds were all done and I went back down stairs to tell  the boys. We finished watching the movie and we all headed up stairs we said our goodnights and everything and went off to sleep. Niall and I how ever went to the balcony to sit on the floor on pillows, we stared into the night and started counting the stars above us. I was so happy and it was perfect I was there in his arms and not a care in the world.

“ how much do you love me?”  I ask him

“ count all the stars in the sky and that’s how much.” He spoke.

I looked at the sky and there was a million stars in the sky, “ aweh!”

                That’s all I could say, we eventually got into our room after stargazing. I climed into bed and niall soon after, he placed his arm around me and it gave me a sense of security andi liked it. He was mine and I was his. I love him.

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