autumm love

a girl named chole is homeless, she has no where to go . but whe niall horan from the one and only one direction bumps into her. her life changes for ever, for the best or the worst.


10. nerf guns

The next morning I woke up before niall and the rest of the boys so I toke a quick shower and got dressed, I tip toed down stairs to the kitchen and cooked all of us brakefast. With in a few minutes they all came charging down stairs to get to the food first, the boys came and gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek. Niall walked up to  me and wrapped his arms around me while i was cooking the eggs.

“ good morning beautiful.”  He whispered.

“ hey you.”  I smiled.

“ how are you?” he asked

“ im wonderful looking forward to spending the day with you guys.”  I replied.

“ well that’s good cause we have a surprise for you.” He winked.

                I just think about all the things they could be planning but hey I was up for anything. After brakefast we all got ready to go out, I grabbed the car keys and the guys followed we climed into the car and  headed out.

“ so are you going to tell me were im going guys?” I ask.

“ nope just keep driving its fine its nothing terrible don’t you worry.” The boys say in union.

“ ok. “  I smile and continued driving .

                We eventually arrive at a park, it has beautiful fall colours on all the trees and lights lined the trees as well. I look to my right and there was a bench full of nerf guns, I glance at the boys and run towards the nerf guns and grabed one then started shooting them. The boys also did the same, it was war! We went into teams well more like the boys vs me, after our nerf gun fight we had a picnic the boys set it up while niall and I strolled along the river side. Holding hands , and watching the clouds roll by .

“ so did you have fun today Chloe?” 

“ yeah it was a blast thank you, but next time watch out I will get you guys.”  I winked.

                He then turned to face me and grabbed my hands, he pulled me close and leaned into kiss me. his soft lips touched mine and I felt sparks. Next thing I know I hear the boys whistling at us. I turn to them and stick my tounge out and smiled, I turned back to niall and told him we should get payback on them for interrupting us. He nodded and we found a pile of leafs and started chasing them with them. It was really fun we finally sat down to eat and let me say the boys know how to make some really good food. After the food we headed into town there was nobody there because the town was closed but we got a pass or something the guys said so that we can shop.  We had a lot of fun niall and harry bought matching shirts and some other things same with the other boys. Then we went into this coustom tshirt store and we all got the same tshirt except with ‘thing 1’  and so on placed on them. We then took the car home and just chilled and watched movies for the rest of the night. We watched a couple horror movies and last we watched big momma, ive never heard all of us laugh that much. I left the boys down stairs and went for a shower, I got out and dressed into my pj’s and went onto the balcony, I grab nialls laptop to go on twitter and that . I looked at my emails and there was a letter from harrys mum , she was the best person to vent to. The whole email was just of her telling about how her week was and how she misses me and such. I replied back and  sent it. I closed the laptop and put it beside me, I then heard the glass doors opening and it was niall.

“ hey you, are you okay?”  he asked.

“ yeah im fine, I just cant help but think about all the children out there that don’t have mums, I feel so bad for them.”  I said with a semi smile.

“ I think you would be a great mum, you know if you want to be a mum  you can, I think you would be great and I belive I would be ready to b a dad, maybe not today but soon.” He lifted my chin and kissed me.

“ you really want to have a kid niall.”

“ with you of course.”  He smiled and hugged me and went back down stairs.

                I sat there thinking about having a kidand I thought to my self, im ready I can be a mum.

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