autumm love

a girl named chole is homeless, she has no where to go . but whe niall horan from the one and only one direction bumps into her. her life changes for ever, for the best or the worst.


1. hot chocolate

It was like any other day, the sun was shining and the birds were singing their own little song. Yet something was different the leaves were a yellow/orange colour the smell of rain in the distance. Yup, it was autumn. That meant hoodies and cuddling. Sadly chole didn’t have a boyfriend, or rather a home. She stayed at various shelter to get warmth and food to sustain her till the next time she got food, to her that may be days. The only thing keeping her going was her ipod, one direction was the only thing that put a smile on her face and gave her a sense to belong in this cold cruel world.

                One day she was walking down the street listing to “gotta be you”  and BANG!  She bumped into a dark figure. Short blonde hair and blue eyes.

“hello love.”  Said the mysterious boy.

“hello, I’m so sorry by the way.”  A smile grew on her face as she began to recognise the boy.

“ do you want to grab some hot chocolate? “ he whispered.

“ sure “  the excitement of making a new friend was almost to much to bear for me. 

                They started walking toward the small café on the corner and sat down at a table outside, I turned off my phone and looked around. I hadn’t been to this part of town before the new smells where overwhelming her yet she didn’t mind.

“ what would you to like? “  the brunette waiter asked. Before I could even speak he had already ordered.

“ two hot chocolates please, oh and maybe a few marshmallows as well? “ he politely asked .

                 She walked away to grab our hot chocolates and we began talking but I was just so mesmerized by his eyes.

“love, are you ok?” this made me jump a little.

“ oh yeah sorry” I started to blush but wow he was gorgeous. He eyes sparkled and his hair was perfect.

“ I forgot to introduce myself, my name is niall, niall horan.”

Why did that name sound familiar. It took me a few moments to click on, he was from One Direction!  Omg I was having hot chocolate with freaking niall horan.

“ my name is chole, chole scott.” My smile grew larger till it felt like it was off my face.

                By this time our hot chocolates arrived, we drank them and continued our chat talking about anything and everything. I loved talking to niall he was so caring, but he didn’t know I was homeless I didn’t want the subject to come up.

“ so where do you stay maybe I could walk you home? “ he said.

“ um, I don’t really have a home.”  My smile started to fade.

“ what do you mean? “  ugh I wished this subject never came up!

“ im homeless, I haven’t had a place to stay in years, I live out of homeless shelters.”  I got embarrassed about it so I looked at the ground.

“ aweh, im sorry love. Would you like to stay at my house I have an extra bed you could use? “  my smile started to grow back. His kindness was just wow no words could explain this.

“ I don’t want to be a burnden on you though.” I stated.

“ it wont be love.”  He smiled and I melted.

I was shocked by his kindness; niall horan is such an amazing person.

“ ok , I guess I could but how can I repay you? “  I was getting worried about his answer.

“ you don’t need to, just stay strong and let me take care of you.”

This I can honestly say was the best day of my life.

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