autumm love

a girl named chole is homeless, she has no where to go . but whe niall horan from the one and only one direction bumps into her. her life changes for ever, for the best or the worst.


8. honeymoon and water fight.

                It was the next day and we were relaxing at home , I lok down to my ring finger and see the ring .  I smile and stare at niall he notices me and smiles back and kisses me and hugs me. it was perfect. I got up from my place and grabed my laptop, and started searching for flights for our honey moon.

Suddenly nial spoke, “ what about where we went together, hawiii.”

I replied, “ sure what about in a few weeks.”

                We booked our flight to hawii and it was a great deal as well.  It was around a day till we left for our honeymoon, I was packing while niall went out to chill with harry before we left, I was going to catch up with them once I was done. Iput my dresses in my suit case along with some other clothes. Finally I was done packing I got out of my sweats and baggy shirt and put on some jeans, toms and a flowing shirt and went down stairs to grab the house keys, and as usual I found a little note on the coffee table that read ‘Under the lights tonight You turned around, and you stole my heart With just one look, when I saw your face I fell in love It took a minute girl, To steal my heart tonight With just one look, yeah I waited for a girl like you’ . he was so sweet  this is one of the many reasons why I loved him the little gestures he does. Well I better get going don’t want to miss out on all the fun the guys are having. I finally reach where they are and they are eating as per usual, typical boys.

“ hey you two having fun our we?”  I said.

Harry turned around and said, “ hey there you!  How you doing?” 

He was such a girl sometimes but he is such a funny guy I love my brother.

I smile . “  im fine bro, how my prince niall? “

His mouth was full but he finished before speaking, such a gentalmen, “ im fine cutie, want some fries?”

I look at him and steal the one he was just aout to eat, “  yup.”

                He laughs and give me a kiss, harry just awed and oo’d. niall, harry and I spent the rest of the day hanging around and taking stupid cute pictures together. It was time for niall and I to head home so we did, on our way home niall found a leaf in the shape of a heart, it was a mixture between a lovely red colour and a spectacular orange colour. He stares at it for a while then looks at me and puts it behind my ear, and then continues to stare at me.

“ your so beautiful.”  He whispered.

I giggled and whispered back, “ well you are handsome.”

Sunddenly there was a flash a young little girl had taken a picture of us.

“ you too are so cute together, can I have a picture with you?” she spoke.

Niall replied, “ of course you can sweety.”  He smiled at the little girl and lifted her up and he mum took a picture of us all. This little girl was adorable, so polite and kind.  We gave her a autograpgh and then before walking away the little girl came up to me .

“ your so beautiful, here take this I want you to have it.”  She handed me a small braclet the was silver with a heart charm on it.

“ aweh sweety you didn’t have to here take this.”  I handed her a small teddy bear keychain I had in my pocket.

“ thank you kind lady.” And she walked away with a huge grin on her face.

                It was the next day and we were heading off to hawii I still had on the charm braclet the little girl gave me. niall hugged me and was singing softly too me a song I had never heard before. I started humming along and we soon started dancing but hey we were that kind of people. We were walking around the store at the airport when we walked by a clothing store we spent a while there and bought a few things then we saw it, a store that had coustimizable shirts. Niall got me one as I got him one he wrote on mine ‘ you’re my kryptonite’ and I wrote on his ‘ I cant ever be brave cause you make my heart race’. This may seem strange to some people but to us it was who we were,  the plane was being called so we got abord it and headed off to hawii. Our honeymoon was fantastic, we had a blast. Once we got home wehad a packes at the door of our house. I picked it up and carried it inside, I sat down on the couch and opened it with care. I was in shock, it was a necklace with nialls last name on it.  I turned to him and gave him a look, not a bad look but a look like you didn’t need to kinds look.

“ omg niall!  You didn’t have to, youre so freaking sweet!”  I shouted.

He smiles at me, “  belive me I did I love you so much I would go to the moon and back for you I would climb the highest mountain for you, you are my princess.”

“ thank you.”  I started crying.

“ aweh are you ok Chloe?”

“ yeaah im fine I just cant get over how I found a guy like you in the crazy mixed up world, if I hadn’t bumped into you I wouldt have met you.”

                He just smiled and grabed me close and kissed me, he then continued to twirl me around and give me a piggyback ride to the pool side. He cradled me in his arms as we sat by the pool, then within a blink of an eye I was in the pool niall was smirking beside me.

“ ah !  it freezing! “  I said while chattering my teeth.

“ well come here and let me keep you warm.”  He spoke with a wink.

                I swam to him and  he gave me a hug and began a water fight. This continued for hours but I was winning so hey what was I to care. That night we kissed under the water yet again and had a water fight magical night I have to say.

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