autumm love

a girl named chole is homeless, she has no where to go . but whe niall horan from the one and only one direction bumps into her. her life changes for ever, for the best or the worst.


11. a baby girl;

It was a few weeks later, the the leafs had all fallen off the trees and the brids started to sing their fall songs. I was just laying in bed looking out the glass doors to the balcony niall had taken off to the store to get the food shopping for the week. I got up had a shower and put on my black leggings and one of nialls sweaters and went down stairs for a quick breakefast before niall came home. I grab a bowl out of the cupboard and put some cearal in the bowl then got the milk and the spoon. Went to the living room, sat down and started eating. Then the door opened and niall walked through the door with a bunch of food. Typical niall, but I love him.

“I see you got all the food.” I joked

“ yeah do you think its enough, I might even feed an army.”  He laughed.

“ ok well I have to go to the doctors today, going to find out whether we have a little angel  coming into the home.”  I smiled at him and his eyes were just twinkling .

“im keeping my fingers crossed, I will be waiting for you too call.”  He smiled and went into the kitchen and put the shopping away.

“ can you drive me there please?”  I ask

“ sure thing honey.” 

                We grabbed the keys and headed out to the doctors. I get there and jump out the the car and gave niall a kiss on the cheek and went inside. Around an hour later I was full of happy tears, we were having a baby girl. I called niall to pick me up I was going to surprise him about us having a baby. He arrived about 10 minutes later and I jumped in the car.

“so, any good news?” he said

“umm do you want the good or bad news?” I asked

“ bad news first sweety.” He spoke softly.

“ there isn’t any we are having a baby girl!” I smiled from ear to ear.

“ omg, this is amazing im going to be a daddy!” he reached over and hugged me and kissed me. he was so happy, after a while we went to the store to get some baby things. We got a few looks from fans and took a picture or two with some, one little girl came over to me and said to me that this little braclet she had on was for our baby when it was born, I took the necklace and gave her a hug. She was so happy. I love meeting niall and the boys fans this way.

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