It can't be true (sequel to I guess it's true)

Luna and Liam live a happy life together. They have just recently moved in together. Luna starting college and all. Now, Harry has a new girlfriend named Taylor, and she's kind of famous. Luna feels fine about this. Or does she? Is there maybe a little bit of jelousy? Taylor doesn't know about their history. Can they keep it a secret? To make things worse, Luna is getting way to much attention in College. She has always wanted just to have real friends and be treated the same way as others. Maybe dating Liam Payne isn't the ideal way to do that. And when a video of her surfaces the internet maybe she has a new career ahead of her.


1. Morning Visit

"Lu! Lu! LU!! WAKE UP!" Liam shouted while shaking Luna.

"Wh..wh..whaaat?" She said turning over and pulling a pillow over her face.

"Harry's here, and...he brought a guest." Luna opened one eye. 

"What? What is Harry doing here?"

"He wants us to meet his new girlfriend. They came for lunch" At the word "Girlfriend" her eyes shot open.

She had a rush and she wasn't quite sure what it was a rush of. She put it aside.

"You let me sleep in until lunch time?" She asked as if she was interogating him.

"Yea" He smiled.

"And that's why I love you!" She sat up and quickly kissed him then went into the bathroom to get fixed up.

Luna washed and moisturized her face, she curled her hair and eyelashes, aplied liquid eyeliner, brown eyeshadow, and put on her new wonderstruck perfume as quickly as she could.

Then for the finishing touch she aplyed CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipcolor in Hot.

It was her favourite and signature colour.

Luna always fealt like she needed to impress Harry. Maybe it was because of their history, or because she had let him down once already and she needed to make up for that. Harry never judged Luna anyways because by now they had already become best friends. Harry told Luna everything and Luna was the same way.

She then slipped on a red dress and ran downstairs to meet this "mystery girl".

When she got to the stairs she could here them all laughing.

Luna began to say "I apologize for having taken so--"

She stopped mid stairs. The first thing she noticed was the girls lips. They were red, really red, almost CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipcolor in Hot red

She was wearing Luna's lip colour. Next she noticed that mystery girl had a John Galliano dress from his spring-summer 2012 collection. The one Luna had been saving up for for the past year.

Mystery girl stood up and smiled. 

"Hi I'm Taylor she said." With that she managed to make my way down the stairs.

"I're Taylor Swift!" She said while smiling.

"You must be Luna." She smiled back.

"Yeah, that's me" Luna smiled and sat down next to Liam.

"It's an honour to meet you!" Luna said.

"I was just telling her how you sing." Liam said.

"I would love to hear you sing." She smiled at Luna and handed her a guitar from beside the couch where she was sitting. 

"What's this?" Asked Luna refering to the guitar.

"It's one of my favourites, signed by Ed Sheeran himself." She laughed to herself.

Liam flicked open his new smart phone and began recording.

Luna searched her thoughts to see what she should sing.

"If I were a boy" 

She began strumming.

"Even just for a day...I'd roll out of bed in the morning and put on what I wanted and go."

Liam and Harry crossed there arms and pouted at the steriotypes.

"I'd drink beer with the guys...and chase after girls" Harry smiled and watched her lips intently.

"I could get with who I wanted and never get confronted for it...cuz they'd stick up for me..."

Luna played the guitar lowder as it reached the high part.

"If I were a boy...I think I could it feels to love a girl...I swear I'd be a better man."

Luna smiled to Taylor who understood what she had to do.

Taylor sang the next part.

"I'd stick up for her, because I know how it hurts...when you loose the one you wanted cuz he's taking you for granted and everything you had got destroyed...If I were a boy" 

Luna tuned In and they both sang together.

"I would turn off my phone, I'd tell everyone it's broken so they'd think that I was sleeping alone."

Taylor sang alone again 

"I'd put myself first"

Luna sang the next part

"I'd make the rules as I go"

They sang together:

"Cuz I know that she'd be faithful waiting for me to come home"

Harry clapped as they reached the next part.

"If I were a boy...I think I could it feels to love a girl I swear I'd be a better man"

Luna sang alone:

"I'd listen to her because I know how it hurts...when you loose the one you wanted cuz he's taking you for granted and everything you had got destroyed"

Luna smiled to Taylor as Taylor sang the last part.

"But you're just a boy"




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