It can't be true (sequel to I guess it's true)

Luna and Liam live a happy life together. They have just recently moved in together. Luna starting college and all. Now, Harry has a new girlfriend named Taylor, and she's kind of famous. Luna feels fine about this. Or does she? Is there maybe a little bit of jelousy? Taylor doesn't know about their history. Can they keep it a secret? To make things worse, Luna is getting way to much attention in College. She has always wanted just to have real friends and be treated the same way as others. Maybe dating Liam Payne isn't the ideal way to do that. And when a video of her surfaces the internet maybe she has a new career ahead of her.


2. Lunch

"Wow you're amazing" Taylor said. That meant a lot to Luna especialy coming from Taylor Swift.

"Thanks, and needles to say you are aswell!" Luna smiled.

They all moved over to the lunch table.

It was a cold December day neering new years.

"In order to honour Luna and Taylor, I made some barbeque." Liam said.

"You know them being American and all" He joked.

"You're American?" Asked Taylor while eating a vegie burger.

"Yeah, I kind of developed an accent over the past year, I guess I sound british to an American." Luna answered.

"So how did you and Liam meet?" Taylor asked.

"We actualy met at one of our concerts." Liam replied. 

"Oh cool" She answered.

"I have actualy known Luna since we were 5" Harry added.

Luna could see Taylor swollow hard, but then covered it up with a smile.

"But I thought you were American?" Taylor asked confused.

"It's a long story." Luna said.

"So what are your new years plans?" Taylor asked.

"Well we were just going to stay home and watch time square on the telly." Luna answered.

"That was what I was going to do, maybe you could come over and hang with  us." Harry replied.

"No Harry, I'm performing at time square on New Years how could you forget?" Taylor said.

Luna could see a tinge of anger in her eyes, but Taylor masked it with a smile.

There was an akward silince until Luna broke it.

"Hey I have an idea, how about we all go to time square to see you perform." 

"That sounds like it would be fun." Liam added.

"Yeah that's great, I'd love to hang with you on New Years!" Taylor finaly added and the tension in the air finaly released itself.

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