Letter to 'The One'

Venice Leroy is your average 18 year old. 2 years ago, she wrote a letter, thinking she was forever alone... Liam Payne is 19, he is in a British boy band, aka. One Direction. On one of the beaches of Florence, he sat and watched the sunset, digging his fingers in the sand...


1. 2 years ago

Okay... So I've never written a fanfic on here before, only on wattpad so I don't know its going to work out... But I hope you enjoy reading it!


Venice's POV:

My eyes slowly opened to the sunrise coming through my bedroom window from a gap in the curtains. I smiled and peeled back the covers, walking over to the curtain and pulling it wide open, admiring the soothing view. I took a deep breath before looking at the little clock on my bedside table. 7:00 it read, as you can see, I am a morning person, I love to wake up early and admire the sunrise. I walked into my en-suite and brushed my teeth before coming back out to my room and opening my closet. I took out a yellow sun dress and a black belt to go around it. I went back into the en-suite and peeled off my PJ's and stepped into the warm water that I turned on after I peeled off my clothes.

When I was done showering, I put on my dress and brush my long, black hair. I applied some mascara, lip gloss, foundation and eye liner before taking out my hair straightener and made the little ringlets at the bottom of my hair, like always. I slipped on my black flats and grabbed my phone and keys to the apartment. I walked out into the living room to see my roommate/best friend, Paris, on her phone.

"Good Morning!" I cooed. She didn't even look up...

"PARIS!!" I walked over to her.

"Huh? What?" She snapped back to reality.

"Good morning!" I chuckled.

"Oh, good morning! Where are you off to?"

"The beach! Who were you texting?"

"My boyfriend!" She beamed.

"You already have a boyfriend!? Didn't you get one last week?"

"I did, James, from my science class but he was only using me..."

"Okay, well its Sunday and I don't want to be here all day talking about your boyfriend!"

"Oh come on, your just jealous! We live in Florence and you don't even have a boyfriend when all the boys are dropping at your feet, look how hot you are!"

"I told you, I'm waiting for my special one!" It was true though, I do have guys dropping at my feet to be with me, I do live in Florence, Italy and I am waiting for the special someone... After all, I'm only 16! Even though I say all this, there is this guilt feeling in me saying 'what if I never find that someone, what if I become a lonely person that's going to end up all alone in Florence...' I went back into my room and grabbed some fancy paper and an envelope, a sturdy cardboard envelope and a small plastic bag. I had an idea to find my soul mate... if its going to work.


:::At the beach:::::

I sat myself down on the cool, white sand, looking out at the water. I took out the pieces of fancy paper and a book to lean on and began writing...


When I was done, I slipped the paper into the envelope and placed it into the small bag. I used my hands to dig a hole and gently placed the bag in before digging it back up and patting it down. I decided to stay sitting there for a while...

About 30 minutes later I stood up and brushed myself off before walking across the road, back home.


1 month after Venice dug the letter

Liam's POV:

"LIAM! LIAM! LOOK! WE'RE AT A BEACH IN FLORENCE!" Louis jumped around.

"Calm down Louis! I'll be sitting over there!" I pointed to a nice, shady spot and sat myself down.

"Okay! Come on Hazza, lets go swimming!" Louis pulled Harry into the water as I watched them and chuckled. I dug my hand into the cool sand and closed my eyes. I was about to fall asleep when my hand hit... a plastic bag? I didn't even realize I was digging my hand further down. People litter a lot these days but I never thought someone will dig up a plastic bag! I quickly dug it up and when I pulled it out, there was an envelope inside it. I quickly opened the plastic bag and slipped out the envelope... What if this was meant for someone and not me? But it didn't have a name anywhere on it so I slowly ran my fingers under the seal and pulled out the paper. I unfolded it and started to read:

Dear: Whomever found this

I'm just a lonely 16 year old girl who lives in Florence. My best friend picks up guys so easily and I have guys falling at my feet but I don't want to go out with them. They only want to use me for my body... Today, my best friend told me I was only jealous of her boyfriend but I told her I was waiting for 'The One'. I came to wonder, what if I never find my 'One', what if I grow up living alone in Florence! What if fate hates me? I wrote this so that who ever finds this letter, please come and find me. I want to know if you are my 'One' I don't care if your a girl... I guess that will mean I am a lesbian or that I need a new best friend to help me find my 'One'. I don't care how long it takes for you to find me, but please do, keep this letter with you always and remember my name... I really have nothing left to say... I will be waiting.

Yours Sincerely, Venice xoxo.

I was shocked. I am the one who found it, Venice thinks I'm her 'One' even though she doesn't know me! I want to help her so I will do what she says and keep this. I put it back in the envelope and folded it up, slipping it in my pocket.

"LIAM! We're going now!" Niall called. I nodded and walked over to him.

Throughout the whole car trip, I could only think about that letter.


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