Promises *One Direction* ON HOLD

Jessica Labelle is not just an average 17 year old girl. She is best friends with the famous Louis Tomlinson. Actually..she WAS best friends with Louis until he went away for The X-factor. He promised her that he will keep in contact but..I guess promises are sometimes broken...


2. Chapter Two

     "What's wrong, Jesse?" I looked at Tori who smiled and mouthed 'tell him'. I looked up at Louis and sighed. "Can I talk to you alone for a second?" He nodded and followed me outside. I took a deep breath and looked at him. "Both my parents died in a house fire 3 years ago when I was at school. The whole house burned down and I had no where to go. Tori tried asking her mom to let me stay with them until I can buy my own place but she said no. So..I live at the park. a day after the incident, you left for the X-Factor so.. I had no one to go to except Tori." I looked down at the ground and tried keeping my tears back. I looked up at Louis and he had a tear rolling down his cheek. "I am so sorry, Jesse." I wiped his tears away and pulled him in to a hug. "You can stay with us for now." I pulled away from the hug. "No thanks. I don't want to get in the way." He lifted my chin up with his finger so I was looking at him. "Jesse, your coming with us. I am not letting you sleep in the park. There are rapists out there and I don't want anything to happen to you." I smiled and nodded. We walked back inside to the others. Tori gave me a thumbs up. "Can I tell the boys about what happened?" I thought about it for a minute and nodded. "Yes, I guess." He told them and all of them gave me a big hug. "You can stay with us for as long as possible!" Harry said, smiling. I blushed and looked down. We climbed in the car. Not all of us fit so I sat on Harry and Tori sat on Niall. Louis pulled into the drive way and we all climbed out. " we are." Harry gave me a tour of the house.

"Who is hungry?" Niall asks. We all put our hands up. "I am going to go out and get food then, Who wants to come?" "I will." Tori got up and they left. "Want to watch a movie?"  Harry asks, standing up. "Sure." He put in a movie and sat down beside me. "Love Actually? I didn't know guys watch those kinds of movies." I looked at him. "Well, I'm not like most guys." He smiled at me and pressed play.

    "We're home!" Niall and Louis yells, walking in the living room. "No, not this movie again!" Louis complains setting our food down on the coffee table. The movie ends and everyone gets up and leaves the room. I looked at the time on my phone. 9 o'clock already?! Time goes by when your having fun, I guess. "So, where am I sleeping?" I asked turning to look at Harry. "Louis' room. For tonight anyways." I nodded, getting up and making my way up stairs. I walked over to Louis' room, slowly opened it and walked inside. He was in there lying on the bed, on his phone. "Hey," I walked over to his bed. "Hey." He stood up and faced me. "Harry told me I'm sleeping in here for tonight." Louis smiled and nodded. "I'm surprised he didn't say his room." He mumbled barely audible for me to hear. He walked over to his dresser and pulled out a t-shirt and sweat pants. "Change into these." Lou said, tossing the clothes to me. I went to the washroom and changed into the clothes he gave me. I climbed in bed beside Lou and slowly drifted to sleep.


**Author's Notes**

The story will get better! I promise ;) 


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