Say Something



2. The Moment <3

     My heart just stopped; it seemed like time had paused as Austin went down on one knee right in front of me, Mary, and Bonnie; looked right into my eyes and sang right to me. I couldn't move; i was just stuck in the moment.

    After the concert we were on our way to backstage to meet Austin, when we heard a annoying voice that we would know from anywhere...

" Oh look who it is it the little wanna be dancer. Do you still have that dream that will never come true?"

  " Be quiet Jazz, grow up and move on, and yes i do still believe that some day i will be his back up dancer."

" How pathetic, Austin would go for me before he would go for you or your nobody friends. I mean look at me I'm the hottest girl girl around. And your nothing.

I just look down trying to ignore Jazz.

" Aw how cute she can't even defend herself"

Jazz finally walks away to go to the meet and greet. See the thing with Jazz is that when we were in 8th grade we used to be best friends. We both loved to dance.When try-outs came for the high school dance team we both tried out and i made it but she didn't. And ever since she has thought that i was trying to steal her spotlight. Now everyday of my life she would make fun of me to make herself look better.

    Anyways after she left Bonnie and mary were seeing if i was ok, i felt a tap on my shoulder. It was AUSTIN! I hope he didn't see what just happened.

" Hey are you Shelby?"

" Yeah and this is..."

"Mary and Bonnie, Oh sorry i didn't mean to interrupt."

"Oh it's ok, How did you know our names?"

" I kinda saw what just happened with that Jazz girl."

" I'm SO Sorry that you had to see that, I'm so embarrassed."

" It's fine there is no reason to be embarrassed, Jazz should be, let me just say Shelby that you are the most beautiful girl i've seen."

I blushed. And next thing I know my friends are at the meet and greet room just talking to other people while I'm sitting by Austin watching him talk to his fans as they came one by one to meet him. I never noticed how nice and sweet he is to all his fans. It makes me like him even more. Then, i saw Jazz and she gave me a look in shock and despair. When she got up to Austin she started flirting to make me jealous, which it didn't ... i mean i was sitting with him, for once i was making her look like a fool.

   Then the weirdest thing happened, Austin got up and had Jazz leaned in and Austin whispered something into her ear. I wondered what he said because Jazz had a shocked look on her face.

    After the meet and greet Bonnie and Mary went back to the hotel, while Austin said that he would take me back to the hotel himself after we have dinner. While we were walking to Olive Garden i decided to ask him what he told Jazz;

" So Austin, I hate to bring this up but what did you say to Jazz?"

He stopped and turned toward me. Did i say something wrong?

" I told she was pretty but that doesn't mean that she has to be bully, especially to a beautiful girl like you."

I looked right into his eyes and said;" Thank-you, i have never had anyone stand up for me like that."

I give him a hug and he hugs me back.

We get to Olive Garden and before i know it we are getting along really well and we have so much in common. Then he asked about my dancing;

" So i heard your the best of the best when it comes to dancing?"

" You heard that, really? Well, I wouldn't call me the best of the best but yeah i love to dance and I always will."

" Well now that i know that, why don't you show me a few moves?"

"Right know? I couldn't."

" Ok, fine right when we get outside?"

" Sounds like a deal."


We get outside and i turn on some music from my phone and start dancing. I felt awesome, i felt like me with him, i couldn't believe i was dancing right in front of him. That was the moment I've been dreaming about my whole life.



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