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1. A Dream



   It's the first day of school for our first year of High School, and i couldn't wait to get their to see all of my friends. When i finally arrived i instantly saw my two best friends Bonnie and Mary! We were all big Austin Mahone fans, and One Direction but overall Austin Mahone. I couldn't wait to tell them the big news!

"Hey Bonnie, Mary... guess what i got?"

" What Ashley?" Bonnie said.

"Ohhhh nothing big just VIP Passes and front row seats to the next Austin Mahone concert in California!!!!"

We all scream in excitement; we didn't care that everyone was staring at us like we were weirdo's. When our classes finally started all we could think of was the concert that's in two weeks.

My story:

My life has always been about Austin Mahone, he is my inspiration, idol and when i feel down I know all i have to do is listen to his music and it makes me smile.

I've always loved dancing, thats all i do at my house.

It's my dream to be a back-up dancer for Austin and to be able to at least become best friends with him.

So now with these VIP passes i can finally meet him and somehow become one his back-up dancers. 

It's a week before the concert and we are filled with excitement! 

We are at lunch and we are planning the whole thing

1. Get to the concert 2 hours early so there is no confusion

2. Get out souvenirs and go to our seats 

3. GO CRAZY at the concert

4. Go backstage to meet Austin! (maybe show him some of my dance moves)

5.Go with him to the meet and Geet

6. We all four become really good friends! Then go to our hotel.



Its the day before the concert and we finally made it to Las Angles, California. And we decide to go shopping at the mall for a little bit to pass some time.

When we get there we are so excited for tomorrow we can't even focus on what we are doing.

*Bump* bumps into someone.. " Oh I'm so sorr........"

I couldn't even speak when i saw who it was... It was Harry from One Direction.

*It's who Mary wants to Marry*... "I'm so sorry, she wasn't paying attention" she says.

" Oh It's ok my love, it happens a lot but most of the time it's my fault"

We all start to giggle, when the rest of One direction show up. It's was awesome we hung out with them for the rest of the day! Oh and did i mention that Harry and Marry hit off so well; they exchanged numbers!

But we all exchanged numbers with them... that how much we got to know each other.

When we got the hotel and we screamed our lungs out!!!

        The next night:

We are having the best time of our life and Austin has touched me, Bonnie's. and Mary's hand at least twice as we were being crushed by the other people in the audience. As he was in the middle of a song was when he got down and.....






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