The Tommo

(y/n) has nothing to live for any more her dad died and her mother too and all she has is Louis Tomlinson by her side but when he comes back from tour things dont get any better. (y/n) and Harry Styles have to go through serious trouble to keep the truth away from Louis but it turns out to be harder then that because in order for (y/n) and Louis relationship Harry has to play the consequences


5. Well of course we didn’t see it happen, but there were sound effects


After Liam stopped knocking and you heard him walk back downstairs, you sat up. You wiped your tears, and told yourself that it wasn’t the end of the world. You knew that couples broke up and got back together all the time, but you weren’t so sure that it would happen for you. You were mad at Louis for cheating on you, but you knew that you just couldn’t throw him out of your life forever. You felt that he at least owed you an explanation.After thinking and thinking, you realized that you conversation with Louis earlier ended up so badly because you started screaming and yelling. You knew that if you tried to talk to him again when the time was right and you were more calm, you might be able to get an answer or two out of him.But you knew that you couldn’t stay cooped up in Liam’s guest room forever. You had to go downstairs and talk with the rest of the boys. You figured that Louis was definitely gone, since he said he had to go to a friend’s house. You didn’t know what friend, but maybe the boys knew.You walked out of the room and down the stairs, trying to stay strong. Louis’ words before he left on tour floated around in your head. He said that he loved you, that he would keep in touch, and that you needed to stay strong. You weren’t sure about the love and the keeping in touch, but you were sure that you needed to stay strong.You knew that if your mother was still alive, you would have had to continue to hide your emotions for her sake. And now, you figured that she could still see you somehow, and you needed to hide your emotions and stay strong now. She wouldn’t want to see you breaking down because she was dead, your dad was dead, and now Louis is gone.When you got downstairs, Liam gave you another hug and told you that everything was going to be okay. You told him that you were fine, and that you would make it through this, even though you had been counting on his return for so long.You sat down with the boys, and further discussed what exactly happened when they were gone.

Harry: I’m sorry things didn’t work out for you two..

Niall: Yeah, when we were going to leave it seemed like everything was going to be fine.

Zayn: He seemed like he was going to go through the tour and come right back to you, to make sure that you were okay.

You: Well it didn’t exactly turn out that way..

Liam: Yeah, once we got to one of the concerts, a few girls came backstage.

Niall: They weren’t even that good looking! Nothing like you Niall winked, and you smiled

Zayn: I think there were 2 or 3 of them together.

Liam: It was three, and one of them was desperately trying to get Niall’s attention.

Niall: Oh that was so weird!! And the other was after Zayn, only I didn’t have the excuse of a girlfriend to get her to go away..

Liam: Guys! Can’t you think before you say something?

Niall: Oh right… Sorry (y/m).

Zayn: I guess we didn’t think that Louis had the same excuse.

You: It’s fine.. it doesn’t really change what happened. The point is, Louis didn’t tell that one girl he was taken, did he?

Liam: No, he didn’t..

You: So what happened that night?

Niall: Well when the girls came in, one was hung up on me and I tried to tell her I wasn’t interested, another went after Zayn, and he got rid of her, and the other one went after Louis.

Zayn: When the girl, I think her name was Kate?

Liam: Yeah, it was Kate.

Zayn: When Kate saw that Louis wasn’t turning her away like me and Niall were doing, she really started to go after him.

Niall: It was sort of as if they planned to flirt a little, and if they got a response, they would go ahead with it.

You: So Louis didn’t tell her no?

Liam: No, he didn’t say yes either at the time, but it ended up being a yes.

You: So, how did she end up staying with him?

Zayn: Well, she made it very clear that she wanted her friends to leave, so they did.

 Niall: Reluctantly of course. Who wouldn’t want all this?

Niall said this motioning to himself, and you couldn’t help but laugh again. This was supposed to be a serious conversation, but Niall had a way of lightening the mood.

Liam: Anyway, the girls all left except for Kate. She put her hand on Louis arm, and started batting her eyelashes at him.

Zayn: I thought it was quite sickening.

Liam: So, I guess Louis saw the opportunity, and well…

Niall: Went with it.

You: Oh.. do you know for a fact that they ya know…. “did it” at the hotel?

Zayn: Well of course we didn’t see it happen, but there were sound effects.

Liam: Great way to put it Zayn!

Zayn: Well it’s true!

Niall: Anyway, after that night, Louis came out to talk to us. And he did seem embarrassed that we heard what was going on. But he made us promise not to tell you.

Zayn: And Liam of course just had to be the honest one and tell her.

Liam: She had to know!

Zayn: Well you broke the promise to Louis and now he’s mad at all of us!

Liam: Would you rather I didn’t tell (y/m)? Do you think that would be fair to her?

Zayn: Well no, but..

Liam: But nothing! I told her, and it was the right thing to do

.Zayn: Fine…

Niall: So are you going to be okay?

You: I think so, I just want to talk to Louis.

Niall: Do you think that is the best idea?

You: Well I am going to have to talk to him about this sometime. You know, before we like “officially” go our separate ways.

Niall: I guess you’re right..

Zayn: Are we going to see you again after you break up with Louis?

You: Well it will be awkward, but you guys are my friends, and I’m not going to let Louis ruin that.

You got up to leave, seeing what time it was. You got a hug from each of the boys, and Liam showed you your way to the door. He watched you until you got in your car and drove off. He gave a small wave, and you couldn’t help think about how lucky Danielle was to have someone like him.You drove back to your house, and you were surprised that you didn’t cry. You realized that the saying “talking about what happened makes you feel better” was true, because talking with the boys really did help you to be a little happier.You got out of your car and started to unlock your front door. As you were doing that, you saw your phone light up in your bag. You reached down to get it, and you rolled your eyes in aggravation when you saw that it was from Louis.You reluctantly opened your phone and pressed the button to read it.On the screen, there were only two short sentences.

We need to talk, now. Turn around.

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