The Tommo

(y/n) has nothing to live for any more her dad died and her mother too and all she has is Louis Tomlinson by her side but when he comes back from tour things dont get any better. (y/n) and Harry Styles have to go through serious trouble to keep the truth away from Louis but it turns out to be harder then that because in order for (y/n) and Louis relationship Harry has to play the consequences


4. "Oh get over it"


Your jaw dropped

You: What do you mean?

Liam: Well, while we were on tour, Louis met some girl at a concert, and she “hung around” with him for the rest of the tour.

You: “Hung around,” what do you mean?

Liam: Well as far me and the other boys know, he met her backstage at one of the concerts, and they started talking. Then he invited her to stay in his hotel room, and I think you can guess the rest..

You: I can only hope this is some sort of sick joke.

Liam: I wish it was, but its not…

Finally your tears came, and Liam pulled you in for a hug.

Liam: I know its hard, and even I’m rather upset with Louis for what he did.

You: But what am I supposed to do now? I actually have no one! My parents are dead and Louis was the only person who loved me anymore in this world. I was waiting for six months for him to come home so that I could be happy again, and now this!

Liam: Well you still have the rest of the boys and me!

You: But Louis’ in your group, and I don’t think I can bear to be around him..

Liam: Well I think when we get back to my house you should eat, and then talk to him.

You: But I’m not supposed to know!

Liam: I don’t care. Tell him I told you, he won’t stay mad at me forever. And you need to talk to him no matter what.

You: Are you sure?

Liam: Positive. Now dry your tears, we need to head back before they get suspicious.

You: Okay, I’ll try my best.

You wiped your eyes, and tried to fight back the tears. You shivered in the cold, and Liam put his arm around your shoulders to try to keep you warm. You knew that he was just trying to comfort you.You got back in the house, and you didn’t look anyone in the eyes, especially Louis. You knew that if you did, you would burst out crying, and you couldn’t do that yet.You had a few bites of pizza, couldn’t make yourself eat anymore. While the boys were still eating, you distracted yourself by trying to count the number of slices of pizza that Niall ate. You lost track around 7. Finally after they finished eating, the boys put their plates in the sink and went to go watch TV again. Louis was the last one, and you stopped him before he could leave the kitchen.

You: Louis? Can we talk?

Louis: Umm, sure. What?

You: Not here please.. Can we go upstairs?

Louis: Alright

You walked up the stairs, and Louis followed. You couldn’t fight the tears anymore, and they flowed freely now.You walked into the guest room at Liam’s house, and Louis sat down on the bed.You couldn’t hold it in anymore

You: I can’t believe you are cheating on me!!

Louis: Did Liam tell you?!?!

You: There!! You just admitted it!!

Louis: I did not..

You: Don’t even think about lying to me!!

Louis: Look, I don’t have to answer to you.

You: You decide to do this when I needed you the most! I cant believe how heartless you are..

Louis: Oh get over it

You: How can you be so mean?? My mom dies two days before you leave, and you don’t even have the decency to stay true to me while you are gone!!

Louis: Look it was a one day thing.

You: There you go lying again!! Liam told me that she stayed with you!

Louis: Look, we can talk later. I have to go see a friend.

You: You’re just going to run off to her??

Louis: I don’t need to tell you where I’m going!! I said we will talk later.

And with that, Louis left the room, and you collapsed on the bed as sobs erupted through you.You heard Liam knocking on the door a few minutes later, but you had to be alone…You had to think

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