The Tommo

(y/n) has nothing to live for any more her dad died and her mother too and all she has is Louis Tomlinson by her side but when he comes back from tour things dont get any better. (y/n) and Harry Styles have to go through serious trouble to keep the truth away from Louis but it turns out to be harder then that because in order for (y/n) and Louis relationship Harry has to play the consequences


11. Louis: Something you want to tell me?


And that was it. Someone broke the lock on Harry’s door and burst into the room.

Harry: Louis?!?!

The look on Louis’ face showed anger. Serious anger.And you could almost guess why. You looked at you and Harry.

You: Oh no. Ohhh no. No no no no!

Louis: Something you want to tell me?

This was bad, really bad. You were at Harry’s house at 3 in the morning, both of you in your pajamas, cuddling up on his bed.

You: Louis, it’s not what you think.

Louis: Oh it’s not what I think? How is it not what I think!?

You: Nothing happened here! We were just…. scared

Louis: Scared that I might find you and get in trouble? Well guess what, your nightmare came true! I can’t believe you!!

Harry: Louis, I swear, nothing happened!

Louis: Shut up Styles! I don’t want to hear a word out of your mouth!!

Harry: But noth..

Louis: Shut up!

You: Louis, he’s telling the truth! We were just scared.

Louis: Scared of what? A “murderer” coming to get you two? What are you even doing here now?

You almost started to laugh, but you slapped your hand over your mouth

.Louis: Something funny?

Harry got it too, and he started to laugh. You both laughed uncontrollably and fell back onto the bed together.You were laughing because you were so relieved. You both thought that you were going to be killed by Kate, and now, Louis was asking if you were afraid of a murderer. He made it sound so crazy, so farfetched, but it was true. A murderer wouldn’t be such a shock right now like Louis thought it would be. You couldn’t stop laughing about how Louis hit it right on the nose, but didn’t even know it. You finally looked at him, and saw his expression darkening. He was really mad now.

Louis: I don’t see what’s so funny..

And then you stopped laughing and just stared at him. A tear rolled down Louis’ face, and he put his hand to his head and started to walk away. You jumped up and ran after him.

You: Louis! Wait!Now Louis was mad again. And he wanted answers.

Louis: Wait for what? Honestly, I don’t want to wait around and watch Styles over there fuck you again!

Your jaw dropped

You: That did not happen

Louis: Oh, so what did happen? I’m sure you have a very good explanation for being here at 3 in the morning.

You: I do actually.

Louis: Alright, so let’s hear it.You: I… I..

Louis: You, you, what?

You: I can’t tell you…

Louis: Oh, great! Thanks for nothing (y/n).

You: I want to tell you, but it will get Harry in serious trouble!

Louis: Well if you are worrying about getting in trouble with me, you don’t have to worry anymore! Because he’s already in serious trouble with me! He can’t just fuck around with you whenever the hell he wants!!

You: Louis, please, that never happened!!

Louis: Well stop telling me what didn’t happen and start telling me what did happen!

You: I can’t

And the Louis walked out the door. You called after him:

You: Maybe I’ll be able to tell you some other time!

All Louis did was mumble back:

 Louis: Yeah, if I ever talk to you again.And then he got in his car and left.

Your shoulders slouched, and your head hung. Harry walked up behind you and put his hand on your back, trying to comfort you. You turned back into his house and sat down on the couch.

Harry: Maybe we should just tell him…

You: You know we can’t.. We will all end up dead.

Harry: Well how is she going to know we told anyone?

You: Do you really think she’s not watching our every move? She could come and kill us at any time!

Harry: I really don’t think she is going to take it that far.

Just then the phone rang, and Harry picked it up

Harry: Hello?…….

And then he looked at the phone and pressed the off button to end the call

.Harry: Yup

You: what?

Harry: She’s after us.

You: What?!?! Tell me what happened!

Harry: She said that she’s been watching me! And she also says she knows that I told!

You: No, no, no! This is not happening!!

But then you heard a scratch on the window. Both of your heads turned to see what it was, and you were shocked speechless. There was a silhouette in the window, and you knew it was Kate.You and Harry both screamed, and ran up the stairs again.You were back where you started, quivering on the bed with Harry.

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