The Tommo

(y/n) has nothing to live for any more her dad died and her mother too and all she has is Louis Tomlinson by her side but when he comes back from tour things dont get any better. (y/n) and Harry Styles have to go through serious trouble to keep the truth away from Louis but it turns out to be harder then that because in order for (y/n) and Louis relationship Harry has to play the consequences


14. Louis: Nothing is fine anymore! I’m destroyed! Kate destroyed me, and I destroyed myself!!


You woke up in Harry’s arms, both of you asleep on the couch. You remembered all of Louis’ suspicions, and tried to break free of his grasp. When you tried to pry his fingers loose, his grip around you tightened, and he started to mumble in his sleep:Harry: No, 

no, don’t go!You tried to peel his arms off from around you, and you figured that Harry must be having some sort of weird dream

.Harry: Don’t leave! Please!

You: Harry!! Wake up!

Harry: Oh what? What happened?

You: You must have been having a nightmare or something. You wouldn’t let go of me and you started screaming ‘don’t go and don’t leave’

Harry: Wow, what a dream… good thing Louis didn’t stay.You: Well good in that sense, but I’m worried about him!

Harry: I think he will be fine

You: Well would you be fine if you found out that you got raped and raped someone all in one day?

Harry: I guess I would feel pretty crappy too…

You: I can’t even imagine how he must feel.

Harry: Yeah, it must be terrible..

You: I hope he doesn’t do anything stupid

Harry: I don’t think so, he probably just went home.

You: Harry?

Harry: What?

You: You can let me go now.

Harry blushed a deep shade of red

Harry: Oh right, sorry.You laughed softly and got up from the couch. You stood up and paced the room without realizing, you were in deep thought about what Louis might be doing.Just then, the phone rang, and Harry picked it up

Harry: Hello?……..

Harry: Yes this is Harry Styles……..

Harry: You found something out about Kate?……..

Harry: Oh I see..……..

Harry: Well thanks for letting me know, I guess.……..

Harry: Okay, thanks for calling. Bye.And then he hung up.

Harry: More like thanks for making me sick!

You: Harry, who was that?

Harry: That was the police department.

You: They found out something more about Kate?

Harry: Yeah, and its making me sick!

You: Well tell me!

Harry: So some chief over there called me to tell me the results of a little background check that they did on Kate.

You: And? What did they find out?

Harry: Well they told me that she has some mental issues.

You: Really? I never would have known!

Harry: But that’s not the sick part!

You: Then what is the sick part?

Harry: When they searched Kate’s house, they found something.

You: What was it??

Harry: A list.You: A list? A list of what?

Harry: Well they didn’t say exactly, but I think I can guess.

You: Harry, what did the list say?

Harry: Well it had some names on it. The first one was Louis and he had a check next to his name. Then after Louis was me. Then Niall, Zayn, and Liam.

You: You don’t think that’s…?

Harry: That’s exactly what I think it was.

You: It was her order! First she had sex with Louis, and you were almost second, and Niall would have been next!!

Harry: Followed by Zayn then Liam..

You: That’s sick!!

Harry: I know.. I hate to say this about the situation, but we are kind of lucky that she only got to Louis

You: Not lucky for Louis, but all of you could have been raped too!

Harry: She would have had me handcuffed to my bed if you didn’t come and knock her off of me!

You: Well I couldn’t just sit there and watch you have sex with her!!

Harry: Yeah, you wouldn’t want that to happen. I’m too important to you.

Harry said this with a wink, and you shot him a look.

You: Actually, I didn’t want to be a witness to the rape of my friend!

Harry: Or you wouldn’t have been able to handle seeing me like that. You might get turned on and beat Kate to it.

You: What is wrong with you?!?!

Harry: Oh nothing! But you can’t hide it!

You: Hide what??

Harry: Your love for me!

You: I don’t have a love for you!!

Harry: Not even a little bit?

You: Not like that!

Harry: Oh yeah? Then like what?

You: I love you like a friend!

Harry: See, you do love me!

You: Like a friend!

Harry: It’s still love whether you like it or not!Harry practically skipped out of the room with a big smile on his face. You clenched your fists. What was he trying to do by pointing out you supposed love for him? You needed to help Louis, and you did not need any more drama. The last thing you needed was more drama!You heard a knock at the door, and you went to go open it.

Louis: Still at Harry’s house, eh?You smiled at him

You: Oh shut up

Harry: (Y/N) loooooves me! 

You: I do not!!

Louis: It’s alright, at least he’s not a rapist..

You: Neither are you!!

Louis: Yes I am.. You told me what I did to you.You knew what you were going to say was going to sound crazy, but you had to say it anyway. You couldn’t stand seeing Louis so depressed.

You: You know what Lou? You can rape me anytime! It was fun!Louis: What? You don’t know what you are saying. It’s not rape if you want it!

You: Well, then you didn’t rape me, did you? Cuz I’d want you now.

Louis: But you didn’t want me then!

You: That’s not the point!

Louis: But it’s my point, and saying this now doesn’t change anything.

You: Well anyway, we can talk about that later! Don’t you want to hear the rest of what happened??

Louis: I guess..You told him everything, and Harry filled in the parts that you forgot. Louis was so upset that his old friend would threaten his friend and girlfriend like that, but you could tell that he was still really mad at himself. But there really was nothing that you could do now.

You: Louis, I want to go home with you tonight.

Louis: What, no more sleepovers with Harry?

You: Stop that! I still miss you.. From the tour, and from all this.

Louis: Are you sure about this?

You: How could I not be sure? I love you, Louis.

Louis: I love you too, and maybe someday… I could make it up to you for all the trouble I caused.

You: Nothing is your fault! Please stop saying that, it makes me sad!

Louis: Okay, okay, I’ll stop. Anything to keep you happy.

You: And same for me too! I need to keep you happy.

Louis: Bye Harry! Thanks for uhh, taking care of YN while I was… gone.

Harry: Yeah sure. No problem! It really wasn’t all that bad.

Louis: Watch it Styles!

Harry: Alright, alright! I had a terrible time! Happy now?

Louis: Yup! C’mon YN, let’s go!You rode back to Louis’ in silence. Now that all of this was over, you didn’t really know what to say.But when you got to his house, you knew exactly what you wanted to do.As soon as you got in the door, you grabbed Louis’ hand and led him upstairs.You whispered to him

You: It’s been much, much too long.

Louis chuckled Louis: What do you mean? I raped you didn’t I? That wasn’t too long ago.

You: You know what I mean!Then you pulled Louis on top of you. You didn’t really care that you were sort of taking charge tonight, but Louis seemed too.

Louis: Don’t ever forget

You: What?Louis: That I’m in charge.

Then Louis’ lips were on your neck and his hands were working on the row of buttons down your shirt. Only this time, you weren’t begging him to stop. His shirt was with yours on the floor near your bed, and you were ready.Ready for this make up. Ready for this to make everything right. And on top of that, ready for being reunited with Louis after tour like you planned. For all these things, you were ready.But Louis stopped. Suddenly, his lips froze on you, and then energy died down. Louis sat up and looked into your eyes. He looked troubled.You groaned at him

You: Louis…!Louis started to shake his head no slowly, you could barely even see that he was doing that.

Louis: “I-I can’t!” he gasped

You: You can’t what?

Louis: I can’t do this!

You: What? Why?

Louis: It’s coming back to me now!

You: What is?

Louis: That night I showed up at your house. I can remember it now! I can remember seeing you pinned under me and your scared face as you begged me to stop! I can’t get it out of my head!!

You: Louis, everything is fine!

Louis: Nothing is fine anymore! I’m destroyed! Kate destroyed me, and I destroyed myself!!

You: You have to calm down!

Louis: I can’t do this! I can’t forget how you reacted and what I did to you, and I can’t forget what Kate did to me! I’m ruined! Nothing is going to be the same! I’m done!Louis got up from bed and pulled a robe over himself. You sat up

You: Louis please don’t go!

Louis: You, s-stay here. I’ll go… sleep on the couch downstairs. Goodnight.You stared after him in shock.And what was there to do now? Nothing. There was nothing you could do now.You fell back down in bed, squashed a pillow over your face, and groaned.There was nothing you could do.

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