The Tommo

(y/n) has nothing to live for any more her dad died and her mother too and all she has is Louis Tomlinson by her side but when he comes back from tour things dont get any better. (y/n) and Harry Styles have to go through serious trouble to keep the truth away from Louis but it turns out to be harder then that because in order for (y/n) and Louis relationship Harry has to play the consequences


12. “Look!”You spun around, and saw Louis handing Kate over to the police…


You: I can’t believe we were relieved before!

Harry: I know! How did we ever think that we were safe from this?!

You: I don’t know… But Harry, this time it is really her!

Harry: We have to get help. Call the cops, somebody!

You: The cops wont get here in time! She’s right outside your window

!Harry: We need someone nearby… who can we call???

You: Louis!!Harry: Do you think he will come after what he just saw?

You: I don’t know, but I’m going to beg him to come back.

You whipped out your phone and dialed Louis’ number just as you heard someone walking up the stairs. You heard the phone ringing. Couldn’t Louis pick up right away??

Harry: (y/n), the lock on the door is broken from Louis! She can get in here!

You: What do we do??

Harry: Uhh… Um.. the bathroom!You put your phone down from your ear.

You: Really? The bathroom?

Harry: Yeah. What’s wrong with that?

You: We are asking Louis to come save us and you want him to find us in your bathroom?Then you heard Kate at the door.

Harry: I don’t think that’s the main issue right now! C’mon!!

Harry pulled you into his bathroom and locked the door. He hurried to shut all the curtains, to make sure you two wouldn’t see Kate under any windows. Then Harry heard someone talking.

You: What’s that?

Harry: The phone! Talk to Louis, he picked up!!

Louis: Hello? Hellooo..?

You: Louis! You have to come save us, please! We are locked in the bathroom with that maniac Kate in Harry’s house trying to kill us!

Louis: Kate? She’s my old friend, she won’t hurt you guys.

You: Louis, please you have to come here now! Im scared please come save us!

Louis: Are you just trying to rub your little love life with Harry in my face?

You: No I would never do that!

Louis: Aha! So you do have a love life with him!

You: No! Louis please… AAh! Harry!!

Then you dropped your phone and it broke. You screamed Harry’s name because while you were talking on the phone, Kate managed to open the bathroom door, and she grabbed Harry and pulled him out of the room. That was when you screamed. And now, your phone was broken, and you wasted your one final phone call on Louis. He probably wasn’t even going to show up now anyway. You should have called the police, but now, you had to go out there and see what was happening. You couldn’t leave Harry out there to be killed even if it meant your own life. Harry sacrificed too much for you. You couldn’t just leave him out there.You slowly inched out of the bathroom and into the next room. There, you saw Harry, handcuffed to a chair in the corner with tape over his mouth. You saw Kate pacing in front of him, looking down at him like he was prey. Harry spotted you, and looked at you with pleading eyes, begging for help. You nodded your head yes, as you ducked down behind a bed when Kate turned to see what Harry was looking at.

Kate: So, you think that little bitch in there is going to come out and save you? You should just stop dreaming.

You started to crawl along the floor, heading in Kate and Harry’s direction.

Kate: I can’t believe you told her. Even after I told you what would happen to you. And I wasn’t kidding about that. But what you don’t know, and what Louis doesn’t know, and what that bitch in there doesn’t know is my motivation. I’m sure you thought it was just to have Louis, but it’s actually a little bit worse than that. And I think I can tell you this now, this way you can die informed. So, my goal, crazy as it sounds, is to get with every boy in One Direction.

Harry’s eyebrows came together in disgusted shock.

 Kate: See, the ones with girlfriends, like Louis, I will have to drug. But people like you, single, silly you, I can just use my handcuffs.

You felt sick. How on earth did you and your friends get mixed up with a freakshow like this??? And the fact that she was planning to have sex with Harry right now made you even sicker.You got up from behind the bed and walked over to Kate, not trying to be quiet any more. She heard you coming, and whipped around to see who was there

Kate: Oh, so you are here to try to save your second lover?

You gritted your teeth, and took the last two steps up to her and pushed, knocking her to the ground. She pulled you with her, and you braced yourself for the punch that you knew was coming to your face. But nothing happened. You slowly opened one eye and looked around. She was no where to be found. You looked at Harry, and his face said “get me out of here”. You ripped the tape off his face, and the first thing he said was

“Look!”You spun around, and saw Louis handing Kate over to the police…

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