The Tommo

(y/n) has nothing to live for any more her dad died and her mother too and all she has is Louis Tomlinson by her side but when he comes back from tour things dont get any better. (y/n) and Harry Styles have to go through serious trouble to keep the truth away from Louis but it turns out to be harder then that because in order for (y/n) and Louis relationship Harry has to play the consequences


1. from perfect to not perfect


Everything was perfect. You were dressed in white, Louis was dressed in black. You had just been walked down the aisle by your dad, and he handed you over to Louis. You looked into his eyes as he smiled at you and flipped the veil back from over your face. You both listened to the vows, thinking about how happy your life will be together. You couldn’t get over h

ow handsome Louis looked today and everyday. And you couldn’t believe that this beautiful person was yours, all yours. How many other girls would have gone for him were uncountable, but somehow, someway, he chose you. And as soon as you said “I do,” you would kiss and spend all of eternity with him. Louis said I do, and now it was your turn. You felt that there were so many unsaid meanings and thoughts behind those two little words, and you felt that you had to say them in a grand way. These words would seal you and Louis together as one, and you didn’t want to mess it up. When the time came, you tried your best, but you only managed to squeak out the words. You saw Louis fight back a laugh, and you gave him a look of fake anger, but smiled back. Finally, Louis put his arm around your waist, and whispered “I promise to love you forever.” He leaned in for the special kiss, and you closed your eyes….




Aaargh!! You reached over and hit the top of your alarm clock and scowled. You were mad that your stupid alarm clock woke you up out of your perfect escape. Your only escape from reality. You found that dreams were your only sanctuary, and you hated your alarm clock for bringing you back to the real world. The world where you were sad, the world where you had no one, because everyone you loved was gone.First was your dad. He died when you were 3 years old. You could still remember how your mom broke it to you at such a young age. “Daddy went bye-bye.” You could see the tears in her eyes, but you didn’t fully understand until many years had passed. Only then did you realize how bad it was. Your dad went off to war, and died fighting for your country. You knew that he did it to fight for freedom and independence, but you would rather have lost the war than lost your dad. Especially now.After your dad was your mom. She died of cancer almost 6 months ago, after a long hard fight. You remembered praying every night, hoping that someone somewhere would hear you and answer these prayers. Although you knew it was almost hopeless, you never gave up. Somehow it was harder to stop than to give up your last hope. Also, you had to stay positive for your mom. If she saw you break down, she would break down too. Her last words to you were “Thank you for being my inspiration, I love you” and then she died holding your hand. Only then, life had turned you to stone, and you couldn’t cry. You were turned bitter by life’s cruel ways, and you hated everyone and everything.The only person who gave you some relief was your boyfriend Louis, but he was gone too. Not gone like your family, but gone as in gone on tour. Gone for six whole months. And perfect timing too. He left just two days after your mom died. He told you that he loved you and that he would keep in touch and that you needed to stay strong, but you felt abandoned.Abandoned by life, abandoned by God, and abandoned by everyone you once knew and loved.

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