Till The Last Rose Dies

Harry styles..., cats.., one direction..... is all Sarah Clyde can think about, or atleast wants to. Her childhood had been full of mystery, starting off when her family disappeared. At first she thought it was traffic or problems at work, but 24 hours later she got so worried and called the cops. Even the most complex team couldn't figure it out, it was a everlasting mystery that haunted her forever. For the next two years she lived alone, but was supplied with cash and drivers Ed to survive. One dreadful night her house, a little cottage in the backwoods of Kentucky, was burned to the ground, once again the cops declared unsolvable. Sarah a 18 year old girl was going through too much. Through those years what kept her heart going? Her favorite band One Direction, and she, well you will have to read to see!!!


1. Sarah P.O.V: Flashback.

A cool, smooth breeze danced through my dusty brown hair. I lay splayed across the grass staring up towards the starry skys. I start to shiver and shake so I get up to go inside. Ouch! I look down to find the cause. Lay there on the ground was a wooden plank, just sitting there. "what the hell?" I mumbled while holding my sore foot. Now let's see why this is here! I thought as I flipped the board over. It hits me like a tsunami, The board.. I think. It's still here! I feel the surface till I hit the name 'Kayla Clyde' 1999'. Tears are starting to fall down my face like fountains. Kayla Clyde my little sister. I slide my finger to the next name. The name read 'Danny Clyde' 1999' my father. By now I'm starting to sob and my eyelids start to swell up. The wooden surface starts to prick and scratch my hand. It's so old and charred... I try to read the next name but it's so charred up and burnt that it's fading. Even though it's fading I still can read it 'Mary Clyde' 1999' my mother. I look into the forest, most trees around the old house have been burnt up. I start to remember before the fire, before my family disappeared, when the old house wasn't needin fixing. I remember the day me and Kayla wanted to go get a little puppy so bad..: "mum!!! PLEASE!! We will feed it and pet it and love it and umm, anything else! I promise!!" I had said "yea mummy!" little 5 year old Kayla said in agreement. "I said no! And that's final! Do not ask again or else!!" she replied to us. By now the tears were sticking to my face and dripping off. "I love you mum,dad, and Kayla." I silently whisper to the stars. I watch the sky as a shooting star sparks the sky.
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