Till The Last Rose Dies

Harry styles..., cats.., one direction..... is all Sarah Clyde can think about, or atleast wants to. Her childhood had been full of mystery, starting off when her family disappeared. At first she thought it was traffic or problems at work, but 24 hours later she got so worried and called the cops. Even the most complex team couldn't figure it out, it was a everlasting mystery that haunted her forever. For the next two years she lived alone, but was supplied with cash and drivers Ed to survive. One dreadful night her house, a little cottage in the backwoods of Kentucky, was burned to the ground, once again the cops declared unsolvable. Sarah a 18 year old girl was going through too much. Through those years what kept her heart going? Her favorite band One Direction, and she, well you will have to read to see!!!


2. One direction.

The door creaks open as I walk in the house, almost everything in the little cottage was burned or smelled of smoke. I look at the stairs that I no longer can use, and the roof with small gaps in it. At least the government gives me the amount of food and water I need to survive' I think as I walk in to the kitchen. The old table in which me and my dad used to play cards on lay half smoldered and half standing. The old couch that I'd always sleep on now lay torn and tattered. I walk up to my window and stare out into the forest, towards the city. I wanted oh so bad to leave but all my childhood memories are here, anyways where would I live? On a street? I suddenly have a craving for the music I had about 2 years ago, the music made by the boys of one direction. "The wireless CD player!" I shout. The authorities didn't take my upstairs possessions away because it's unsafe upstairs. Well right now I don't care I just want the music. I speed to the 'what used to be frontier' and look up at the broken stairs. The temptation to go up there is to big to ignore. I jump up and gracefully dance up the stairs avoiding gaps and broken steps. The air was thicker and much harder to see through. I walk down the hallway carefully, any sudden move could break the flooring. When I reach my room I'm in shock. It's completley fine except for the ceiling gaps. Even the air was fresher. My old one direction posters still stay hanging on my walls. Right below the posters lay the cd player and all my CDs. Gosh. I thought. I have been so lonely that I never could see their photos, nor listen to their music. I inspect the cd and cd player with caution. "little dusty but it's working fine." I mumble under my breathe. As I'm setting it down on the floor, I see a little sticker that says "Sarah's CD Player! DO NOT TOUCH KAYLA!" I let out a small grin and shed a few tears. I want my little sister back, my family, my house. Soon enough I'm balling my eyes out, I feel as if someone just took my heart and tore it in half. The pain of depression seared through my body like poison. Sluggishly I rose up to my feet, grabbed the cd player and CD, then I walked down the hall again. Step by step the floor creaks louder, by now I'm officially scared. One more step then... CRASH! The floor all of a sudden caves in right in front of me. Lucky me, I wasn't standing there, unlucky me, I'm trapped upstairs, without food or water.
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