Lifess new story- And it goes on

Elle has been kidnapped and held captive, what can Niall do? Will their relationship last through all this stress?


3. Reunited

Elle's P.O.V

The grip was loosened and i dropped to the floor. I watched as the cops subdued the woman and Niall was let go. I couldn't move the pain was just to much. Though i was happy to be able to see Niall. Niall crawled over to me wiping blood off of my face. He hugged me as hard as he could without hurting me. It felt like Niall and I just sat there holding each other for hours. The EMT's finally made it into the room and lifted me up onto the stretcher. They strapped my body and neck down so they could not move. Niall wouldn't leave my side. Neither would the other boys, they stuck to my side. We all piled onto the ambulance and headed to the hospital. My eyes fluttered around and then they closed completely, I thought I was sleeping but that was proven wrong when all the machines started to beep. 

Niall's P.O.V

When the machines started to beep I swear i was going to have a heart attack. I laced my fingers in between hers as they ripped open the remains of her shirt and applied the pedals to her chest. Her body jumped but her heart rate was still 0.  Again her body jumped and no response. They reloaded the paddles and shocked her again. This time there was a response she was gasping for air. They put the oxygen thing over her face and feed her the oxygen. She was alright. She had given me quite a scare to many times now. When we reached the hospital we were separated again and she was taken to ICU.  

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