Lifess new story- And it goes on

Elle has been kidnapped and held captive, what can Niall do? Will their relationship last through all this stress?


5. Party Prep

Niall's P.O.V

Today was May 7th. It is Elle's 19th birthday and i wanted to make it special for her. I got the kids up and dressed and let them crawl around in the living room where Louis and Mary were sitting. "Ok guys, today is Elle's birthday and i want to have a party for her do you guys wanna help?" i ask in a hushed voice being cautious that Elle wasn't around. "Yeah!!" said Mary already getting up and walking over to her cell phone. "Sure." said Louis with a huge grin on his face. Louis gets up and runs upstairs to the boys room and all i hear is Louis yell. I run into the kitchen which held the nearest phone and rang up my mom. "Hey mom, today is Elle's birthday and i was wondering if you would like to make the cake?" I asked not knowing if she would be willing to or not. "Of course i will." my mother sang. Finally things have been falling right into place.

Louis' P.O.V

I run up the stairs into the closest room, Harry's. I creep up next to his bed trying not to make a sound. "WAKKKEEEEYY WAKKEYYYY HAZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yell next to his face. On instinct Harry's arm flew out towards my face . "Whoa there Hazza! I would like to keep my face today!" I said with a cheeky grin on my face. Harry just moaned and pulled the covers over his head. I laughed knowing i would enjoy what i was going to do next. I got up and yanked the covers off which exposed a fully naked Harry. I dropped the blanket and threw over a pair of underwear "Here Hazza." I said not controlling my giggle. "Were off the see the Liam the wonderful Liam of all." a catchy song I will have to use that more often. I walked up to Liam's door and threw my back against the wall with my hands drawn like a gun. "We are about to close in on our target..." i whisper to no one. I fling open the door and point my "gun" at Liam who is dead asleep. I walk over to him and poke him in the head. He doesn't open his eyes he only turns his head. "PEW PEW PEW, Target has been compromised." i said pulling on Liam's arm. "Whatt..." He moaned dragging out the 't' sound. "Wakey wakey!" Liam slowly climbed out of bed and staggered to the bathroom. "Zayn's turn!!" I yelled walking straight into Zayn. "Ahhhhhh mannnn!" I yelled babyish. "What?" Zayn moaned. "Never mind we all meet down stairs!" i sang out happily.

Harry's P.O.V

We all took a seat on the couch and watched as Niall happily walked into the room. "As you all know today is Elle's birthday!" Niall pretty much sang out. "So we need to come up with party ideas for the big shindig!" yelled Louis. "How about we do a Karaoke party..." I spoke out, sleepiness very apparent in my voice. "Perfect!" spoke out Zayn. "So it is a Karaoke party then!" shouted Mary. Everyone but me jumped up and got started on the plans. i really did not feel good at all.  

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