Lifess new story- And it goes on

Elle has been kidnapped and held captive, what can Niall do? Will their relationship last through all this stress?


2. Pain

Elle's P.O.V

There were so many open wounds on my body. I was so numb; my arms, my sides,and my face. I was ready to give up but I couldn't. I had family, Niall, the twins and the boys. I got up and hobbled over to the chair. I was weak i hadn't eaten in what? 2, 3, or maybe even 6 days. I had become disoriented and i stood no chance against my attackers. The door opened and in came the man. This time he came in with a leather belt, and snapped it. He came closer to me and whipped my ankles. "Your running out of time!" he said running out of breath.Every time he hit me his smile grew bigger. When my legs started to bleed he stopped. When he got up close to my face I spit aiming for his eyes. When the spit hit him he threw me back against the wall. "I'm done with you!" he yelled he grabbed my wrist and cut a small slit. Blood started to pour as he left. When he closed the door i pulled the blanket off the bed and wrapped my wrist but in under 3 minutes the blanket was soaked.

Niall's P.O.V

I gathered Adelynn and Sebastian's bag and had Louis and Mary drive them over to my mother's house. The rest helped me get ready to go to the police station. "Niall don't worry we will find her.." spoke out Harry. We got to the police station and we walked over to the chief. "How are things?" asked Liam with a unusual quietness in his voice. "We have a lead and we are ready to get going." spoke the chief in a deep heavy voice. "What are we waiting for?!" asked Zayn with an angered tone. We all hopped into the cars and headed to a dark and abandoned side of town. "We found out that one warehouse had been owned by a man named Kai." said the chief. We got to a warehouse that had some lights on. We were handed bullet-proof vests and were made to stand behind the cops. We were slowly walking down the halls looking for something, or someone. We were on our way down the 3rd hallway when I heard cries. I run ahead of the group to the source of the noise. I stop in front of the door and kick it open. Surely enough there was my Elle sitting on the bed bloody and black and blue. In front of her stood a man obviously Kai. I run towards Kai and throw him against the wall he swings at my chest and cuts the vest. From behind I hear footsteps but they didn't belong to the boys. When i turned around there stood a woman. Kai pushed me and the woman held me in a choking position. He goes at Elle and stands behind her knife against her throat. The chief and the rest of the cops finally made it in the door. "Stay back!!!" yelled Kai "Or...Or i will slice her into pieces!!!" he threatened. The chief drew his gun and Elle cried out in pain as the knife cut into her skin. Then a shot rang out. Not from the chief's gun but from a gun that Harry was holding.

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