Lifess new story- And it goes on

Elle has been kidnapped and held captive, what can Niall do? Will their relationship last through all this stress?


4. Home

Elle's P.O.V

I got rows and rows of stitches. They all caused pain but the one that caused the most pain was the 7 stitches on my face.  When i woke up Niall had just walked into our room at home. He looked miserable. He had been taking care of the kids for the past couple of weeks since i came home. I couldn't wait to get the stitches out the next day so i could help around again. Today was April 7th a month before my birthday and i determined to be well and with the program by then. I pulled Niall onto the bed and he turned and looked at me.  I kissed him and he kissed my cheek. When he got up I attempted to get up as well. I staggered a bit but I got up. when Niall and I got up to go check on the babies, i bumped into Mary. we hadn't talked in a while but we exchanged the longest hug we could. I then smiled and kissed her cheek and went off to the twins room. The twins were now 5 months and were starting to roll over.When I came into the room Niall was holding Adelynn so I went and grabbed Sebastian. When I started to feed him his bottle he started to cry so I gently rocked him side by side while I tried to burp him. Being a parent wasn't easy but it wasn't hard. When i finished i lied down on the floor and put Sebastian in his door hanging bouncer and he pushed himself slowly and started to giggle Niall laughed for once in what seemed in forever. God i could not wait until we got back to our normal routine.

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