Falling For Liam

Eve Williams is deeply in love with Liam Payne, a mega-star in the British-Irish boy band One Direction. Liam Payne is deeply in love with Eve Williams, a normal girl. When One Direction goes on a worldwide tour, Eve soon realizes that she won't see Liam for 5 whole months! Will she be able to live without him or will she find a way to be with him?


3. 3


Eve's POV:

I sigh, walk into my room, grab my laptop, and climb into bed. I check my watch that is on my wrist; it's 8:30 P.M.. Liam left yesterday. I wait for my laptop to load and I double-click on the internet. I sign in to Twitter and follow whoever has followed me. I am SO bored! Right when I am about to sign out a tweet catches my eye. I smile sadly as I read it.


@Real_Liam_Payne: Just nowwwww landed in L.A.; hugs and kisses to my beautiful angel, Eve ;)


I feel a tear roll down my cheek and I shake my head. He's barely been gone for a day and I miss him already!!! I close my laptop and gently st it on my bedside table. I lean back into my bed and fall aleep.

Liam's POV:

I hesitate before sending the tweet. I press send and let out a shaky sigh. I go to my Twitter home page and observe the tweet one last time.


@Real_Liam_Payne: Just nowwwww landed in L.A.; hugs and kisses to my beautiful angel, Eve ;)


I can only imagine what Eve is feeling right now...I miss her so badly! I wonder what she's doing; she might be a asleep. I hope she won't have any nightmares...She didn't have any the other night, but then again I'm not there to hold and cuddle her. I shouldn't have-hold on a minute! What am I even thinking?! I shouldn't be worrying; Eve will be fine!!!


I jumped as I heard a knock at my door. "Liam, it's time to go to the interview...", I heard Niall's muffled voice say. "Okay, I'll be right there!" I yelled. I logged out of Twitter and quickly walked into my bathroom. I smiled at myself; I look nice. I headed down stairs to see that Niall was waiting for me. "Hey, bro; where are the rest of the lads?", I asked. "They're in the van." I nodded my head and we left the house. Niall locked the door behind us and and we climbed into the van.

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