Falling For Liam

Eve Williams is deeply in love with Liam Payne, a mega-star in the British-Irish boy band One Direction. Liam Payne is deeply in love with Eve Williams, a normal girl. When One Direction goes on a worldwide tour, Eve soon realizes that she won't see Liam for 5 whole months! Will she be able to live without him or will she find a way to be with him?


2. 2


Eve's POV:

I woke up to find that Liam wasn't in bed with me and that there was noise coming from the kitchen. I crawled out of bed and went straight to the kitchen.


Liam was setting two plates of omelots on the table and looked up with a smile on his face when he saw me. "I made omelots for us.", he said as he gave me a swift kiss on the cheek.


He sits down at the table and I do the same. i took a bite into the omelot and was amazed. "Oh my god! Li, this is amazing!", I say, surprised. "Thanks! Did you sleep well?", he asked with curiosity. "I guess so; I didn't have any nightmares."


Trying to avoid talking about my dreams, I got up and put my dish in the sink. "I'm going to go get dressed.", I say and head into my room. I reach into my drawer and grabbed a plain white T-shirt, black skinny jeans, and grey toms. I walked into my bathroom and got changed, put lip gloss on, and brushed and curled my hair. I left my bathroom and exited my room. I waltzed into the living room and plopped on the couch.

Liam's POV:

I sneak up to Eve (who is on the couch) and I see that her eyes are closed. I carefully sit my self next to her and plant a kiss on her forehead. She opens her eyes and smiles at me.


"Hey...Did I wake you?", I ask while playing with a strand of her hair. "No; I wasn't asleep. Liam, I can't believe that you're leaving today to go on the tour...I'm going to miss you!", she said. I sigh and say, "At least we can still see each other on skype..."


My phone beeps, so I pull it out of my back pocket. It's a mesage from Paul saying that he's on his way to pick me up and that he'll be here in ten minutes. I groan and say, "Eve...I'm leaving really soon!"


She rubs my thigh back and forth, which only turns me on and makes me sadder to leave. "It'll be okay, as long as you don't do anything you'll regret." I knew what she was hinting at."Nothng will happen; I promise!"


At that, I heard the beep of a car and Eve an I immediatly head outside. Just before I get in Paul's car, I grab Eve by her waist and press her lips forcefully against mine. Sparks flew instantly and pretty soon our lips were moving in sync. I lightly grip a handful of her hair and pull away. "I love you, Eve.", I say. "I love you, too, Liam." I hug her and jump into the car.

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