Falling For Liam

Eve Williams is deeply in love with Liam Payne, a mega-star in the British-Irish boy band One Direction. Liam Payne is deeply in love with Eve Williams, a normal girl. When One Direction goes on a worldwide tour, Eve soon realizes that she won't see Liam for 5 whole months! Will she be able to live without him or will she find a way to be with him?


1. 1


Eve's POV:

"Liam; you don't understand what this will do to me if you leave to go on tour...I can't live without you!" "Eve, you are overreacting. I'll only be gone for five months!"


Maybe he's right. I mean, I do tend to get carried away sometimes...But, that doesn't mean that he can just leave! I let out a depressing sigh and said, "Okay, but can you just promise me one thing?" 


I didn't wait for him to answer, so I just said, "Promise that you won't forget about me." "Forget about you!? How can I do that? Eve, I will not forget about you...I love you." I could barely force the words to come out of my mouth:"I love you, too. I'm just scared...I'm terrified, Liam!"

Liam's POV:

Eve's eyes showed many different emotions: love, longing, need, sorrow, and fear. "What are you so afraid of?", I ask her. She immediately starts to shiver, as if something is bothering her. Her shivers turn to sobs and eventually she starts to cry.


"Eve; please don't cry! Everything will be okay.", I say as I lead her onto the couch and sit her in my lap. She relaxes her head on my chest and barely whispers, "I started having nightmares...again."


"What? I thought you didn't have those anymore?" I look into her eyes as she mumbles, "I'm sorry...It never stopped." "Why didn't you tell me? Why did you lie?", I ask confused. "I didn't mean to...I just didn't want you constantly worrying about me anymore!"


I hesitate before asking her, "What has been happening in these dreams?" She bit her lip and said, "I- "VAS HAPPENIN'!" I turned around to face Zayn and gave him the "not now" look. He immediately got the message and said that he was going for a walk outside.


"Why won't you tell me? I'm your boyfriend! I'm the one you're you're supposed to tell these things to!", I say and before I even realize it, I'm yelling at her. Eve starts to break down again and I apologize to her and say, "Eve, I'm sorry; I didn't mean to yell...C-mon; you're sleeping with me tonight." "But, Liam!" "No more excuses!", I tell her as I scoop her into my arms and run into my room and plunge her onto my bed.

Eve's POV:

He scoops me into his strong arms and he runs into his room and throws me onto his bed. I smile at him as he sits next to me. "I'll be right back. I need to go change."


He nods as I quickly run to my room and get some clothes from the drawers and enter the bathroom to change. I slide on my light pink tank top and Liam's boxers (I'm not sure how his boxers got in my room).


I walk into his room to find him putting something under his pillow. Which is pretty weird, if you ask me. "Liam." He turned around at the sound of my voice and said, "Hey! You look pretty tired...You need to sleep."


I sigh and crawl in to the oversized bed. As he lays his head down on his pillow, he lets out a groan! "Hey!! There's something under my pillow!" Wow. I love Liam to pieces, but he is a TERRIBLE actor!


He smirks as he reaches under his pillow and grabs a small, black box. "Eve, I'm sorry that I have to leave to go on the tour, but as long as you wear this I will always be with you." he opens the box and inside it is a beautiful ring with diamonds on it. I gasp as he slips the ring onto my middle finger...It fits perfectly! I notice that there is some writing engraved between the diamonds..."I love you and I will always be with you. -Liam

Liam's POV:

I feel ,my eyes flutter as she lays in my arms and I drift off to sleep.


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