love forever

Jamii is a 17 year old girl and has had a hard life but when she saves Justin Biebers life, will he fall for her and if he does will she fall in love with him?


2. Thank you

"Come with me if you want to live"

Why did i say that??? He looked at me like i was another crazed fan. So i leaned in to him and grabed his hand and ran, We were running for ages trying to lose all of the screaming girls.

We ran behind a corner into an ally way, Where no one could see us. It was really tight so my face was right next to his.

When awe thought all of the fans were gone we got out of the ally way when he said im justin, and your name is?

"Jamii , you have a lot of fans" i said

Haha yea there die hard fans and i love them for it cause i wouldnt be here today without them, but some can be really crazy and thank you, you saved my life.

"Just think of me as your superwoman, the girl who saves the day"

"Yea i will, and if there is anything i can do to repay you just give me call" he passed me his number with a cheeky smile on his face

What i say

Your beautiful do you know that?

Umm thanks but i better go

wait at least let me buy you a coffe or something, please????

okay 1 coffee

As we were walking i saw a car swirvling and thats when i felt tears starting to come down my face. I have to go i told justin. "Wait why?"he asked but i already was running.

Tears were now pouring down my face when i felt someone grab my arm and pulled me in a hug. It was justin. "Whats the matter babe and why are you crying?"

I couldnt  answer all i could do was cry and cry, i felt safe in justins arms like it was only me and him in the world but he began talking again so that pushed me out of my thoughts.

"Okay well a car is coming to get me and take me back to mine, how about you come with me and if you wanna talk about it you can"

All i could was nood my head but a little thank you escaped my lips.

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