love forever

Jamii is a 17 year old girl and has had a hard life but when she saves Justin Biebers life, will he fall for her and if he does will she fall in love with him?


4. Selena


"Oh sorry this is selena my girlfriend" Justin says

My heart stopped for a second, and iv only known him for an hour so this is just silly.

"Hi im Jamii" i replied

"Hi" she said kinda annoyed

jamii saved me from the screaming fans like i seriously couldnt get out of there but she managed to get me out of their somehow. Then some other things happened so i told her she could come back to mine and get her a hot chocolate or something.

"okay, well thank you jamii i wouldnt know what to do if i lost him, so i owe you, well im going out tonight with the girls so you guys can talk or whatever. Bye" she said then heading towards the door and going out.

"bye" we both said

She seems really nice 

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