love forever

Jamii is a 17 year old girl and has had a hard life but when she saves Justin Biebers life, will he fall for her and if he does will she fall in love with him?


5. memories

After Selena left we went straight to the kitchen/living room. i sat down on the couch and justin went into the kitchen and got some hot chocolate.

"So what i said before about that you can talk to me about it if you want you still can" Justin Said

"Thanks"  I said

"Soo do u?"

"I guess but please dont tell anyone i just dont want anyone to kno or to feel sorry for me" I said

"Okay i promise" justin said with a smile. man that smile was like an angels it was so perfect.

"it all started 11 years ago, so when i was 6. Me, my brother, my dad and mum we were a happy little family till one day i got really upset over the stupidist little thing i ran upstairs and into my room, and being the loving mum that they are she came up and talked to me and told me if i stop crying she will take me out for some ice cream so of course i did. We left the house and was walking towards the ice cream shop we were about 5mins from it. I thought it would be cool to walk on the curb alongside the road so i did, mum told me to hope off but i just wouldnt listen, next thing we no we hear a car skidding along the road mum looked up with a panicked look on her face, next thing i know is mum pushing me onto the grass as the car hits her and sends her flying to the ground" as i said that i was now in tears they just wouldnt stop

i looked at justin through the corner of my eyes and he looked speechless

"Im so sorry that shouldnt happen to anyone, and i mean it" Justin said

"But that happened to my mum and i was the reason for it, if i didnt stand on the stupid curve and just listened to mum then she would still be here" I said now boling my eyes out

"Hey hey hey this isnt your fault"

"Yes it is and i know it"

"NO its not" he said pulling me into a hug where i continued crying my eyes out 

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