love forever

Jamii is a 17 year old girl and has had a hard life but when she saves Justin Biebers life, will he fall for her and if he does will she fall in love with him?


3. Justins house...

Justins Pov

when the car pulled alongside the curb me and jamii hoped in, and then the car started heading towards my house.

The ride home was really quite i guess we didnt know what to say, theres something about her that makes me feel happy or something i mean ive only known her for what an hour so what am i talking about, i realised i was stairing at her for more than i should have and she was just looking at me like " what are you looking at"

I just smiled and looked away

Jamii's Pov

He was stairing at me for ages i mean what am i meant to do, so i just looked at him with the expression what are you looking at kinda face.

He just looked away and smiled

10mins later...

we pulled up to justins house or should i say mansion, it was huge.

he got out and i followed.

He opened the door and mouth went a perfect o shape it was beautiful inside, he must of noticed cause he started laughing.

i just closed my mouth and said "your house is really beautiful"

"yea i love my home" Justin replied with a huge smile

man i love that smile

"justin is that you" i heard someone yell from upstairs

"oh yea" he replied

"yay" the person says, You can hear someone running down the stairs then a beautiful girl comes running down and jumps into justins arms and they kiss.

"oh sorry this is Selena my girlfriend" Justin tells me

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