love forever

Jamii is a 17 year old girl and has had a hard life but when she saves Justin Biebers life, will he fall for her and if he does will she fall in love with him?


1. Justin bieber

Hi my name is Jamii, im 17. I have dirty blonde hair with blue eyes.My mother past away when i was 6 so i dont know a lot about her. I live with my dad and brother Sam.

"Dad im going to go get some food" I yelled as loud as i can, "Okay sweety" dad said. I was walking to the nearest food store when a big black van came speedingly past. i jumped and started to run a little cause thats how my mum died, She got ran over by a car and was severly injured. The hospital tried everything they could do to keep her alive.

I realised i was running and i stopped cause it was foolish for me to run and everyone was looking at me like i was some weirdo.

Theyre were flashes everywhere i looked and screaming girls everywhere. One girl even said what are you doing here, your to ugly, Justin Bieber wont even look at you so you mars well as leave. I just ingnored that comment but i nearly did punch her in the face. So thats why there are girls and papps everywhere.

I saw Justin well a glimps of him because he was getting attacked by screaming belibers. I felt so bad for him i would hate to be famous. But without me even knowing what i was doing, i pushed through the crowd till i was next to Justins ear i said "come with me if you want to live"

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