What Crumbles Must Fall

If I told you would you believe me? I don't trust many people but I guess your ok. I love Niall Horan and he loves me ALOT, But I think Harry is getting jealous...I can't choose because they both visit me each night, I'm afraid they will come at the same time and fight. I can't have that.. And where my story starts is the night Niall was forced to do "it" with me. Look, I had to do it with Harry too. Now can you see why they both love me. Whatever you do DON'T put this down. DON'T abandon this because leaving this behind is like taking a piece of the earth. I need someone to listen to me, because my mom, is no help what so ever. Please whoever you are listen to this, for the sake of me.


2. What I Never Expected

I bolt up, hair plastered to my face with sweat. I rip off the covers and scream. That dream..... With some guy name Niall. I push my thin brown hair out of my face and wobble across the room. I look into the mirror my cold blue eyes staring right back at me.
"December!" my mother exicidetly enters the room. "The party starts in 5 minutes!"
I stare at her. "Wait, it's only morning.." I walk over to my window and sure enough the sun is setting.
I rub my crusty eyes and walk into my closet to take out the outfit I'm going to wear. A neon pink laced tank top and a pair of white skinny jeans.
I feel a hard cube in my jeans and pull it out to find my phone. I grunt. I've been looking for this for a month. I walk into the bathroom. My feet come out from under me and I land on my butt. "DAVID! DEAVON!" you see my mom has a thing with D names... She had me when she was 18.. I wonder... My brother stumble into the room. They look at me and start laughing. I reach onto the cold granite counter and push myself up.
"You gonna kiss someone." Deavon smirks.
I flings a rubber band at him as he whines. For a 12 year old he's a bit....weak. David stares at me then pulls Deavon along yelling "RUN BOY RUN." I smile and stuff ,my phone in my pocket and slide down the stair rail. I kick on some converse and run out the door before any of my family can get to me.
I hop into the drivers side of my blue Prius and hit the engine. I pull out of the drive way, looking back seeing Daphne waving from the attic window. Daphne is the only sibling I can actually put up with because well, 1. She doesn't pull pranks on me (everyday) 2. She looks like a tiny me (all my siblings do) and 3. She can't talk. I'm not saying its a good thing she can't talk cause trust me it's not but she can't curse at me like David or Daniel does.
I pull into Heather's house. I don't even like her but my mom said if I didn't go she would take away my phone,which at the time was missing. My heart is beating. December, don't play the game. I open up the door and Heather is there to pull me into the basement. I'm screaming inside.
Everyone is in a circle. Im tempted to run away but, I was pushed to the floor. I look around for anyone who looked like "Niall" but Fortuanatly, not. Parker the football jock is grinning at me with his perfect white teeth.
. "OK" Heather interrupts. "Parker you spin first!" she tosses him the bottle.
I close my eyes, or I think I did but I couldn't see anything until I felt Parker arm on my shoulder. I shudder. I have to do "it" with him? He pulls me up and leads me into the closet. He hands me a drink. "I know you won't cooperate without this." he hands me the vodka smelling drink. He closes the door behind us.
"I don't drink." I say firmly.
He grabs me and pulls me very close. He puts the vodka in his mouth then kisses me hard. He spits it into my mouth and I'm forced to swallow. I can already feel it kicking in. I get so drowsy that everything is a blur. Parker pushes me onto the bed and strips me. I've tried numerous times to push him away but he's too string.
I feel a force inside me and I kick him away. "NO" I'm bursting into tears.
I pull on my clothes and shove open the door and burst out onto the sidewalk. I look over and see David getting into the Prius. Good, I want to walk alone.
I put my head down watching the pavement roll by as I bump into someone. I look up and those crystal blue eyes stare at me as they once did in my dream.
"Niall..." I whisper.
He smiles. "Your December.. I remember you." he says with that amazingly cute Irish accent. "we were in kindergarten together before you moved ."
I nodded and I couldnt help but burst into tears. He hugs me softly.
"December? Whats wrong?"
I tell him every detail. He nods.
"follow me." he says as he pulls me along.
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