What Crumbles Must Fall

If I told you would you believe me? I don't trust many people but I guess your ok. I love Niall Horan and he loves me ALOT, But I think Harry is getting jealous...I can't choose because they both visit me each night, I'm afraid they will come at the same time and fight. I can't have that.. And where my story starts is the night Niall was forced to do "it" with me. Look, I had to do it with Harry too. Now can you see why they both love me. Whatever you do DON'T put this down. DON'T abandon this because leaving this behind is like taking a piece of the earth. I need someone to listen to me, because my mom, is no help what so ever. Please whoever you are listen to this, for the sake of me.


1. The Night

"DO IT!" they chanted. Niall looked at me from across the room and blushed with worry in his eyes. Why did I play this? Heather Ferland smirks at me. "Do it sweetheart." she whisper with that awful coo.
I storm into the closet and slam it behind me. It's a huge closet with a couch, a bed (which I will be seeing soon) and a tv. Niall's footprints get closer and my heart beats so hard I feel like it could fall out. I would let it.
I turn out all the lights as instructed and lay down on the bed. I hear Niall's voice. "Cameron?" I stay silent and I hear him sit on the bed softly. "let's get this over with." he says soft and polite.
I almost am tempted to "want" to do it. He pulls me close and I lay my head on his chest. "Cameron?" I nod. He leans in and kisses me soft. I push his head against mine and he kisses me much harder. He pushes me down slowly and he leans over me. He wraps his arms around me and pulls uo my shirt. I feel sweat beading down my face. He puts his hand on my back. I shiver because his hands are freezing.
He kisses my neck and I whisper. "why do we do this if they don't know if we like each other." he stops and looks at me with his big blue eyes and his Irish accent speaks up. "well, I've always loved you." then he goes back to kissing and taking off my clothing.

|| Hey, I hope you guys like this! I'm sorry if it's too intense but, please comment! My other story was just to see how Movella works because I'm new.||
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