They Don't Know You [Niall Horan]

"We accept the love we think we deserve," But that's the thing, what if I don't deserve it? What if the only reason the idea to leave was put in his head in the first place, was because I didn't deserve him. I swear, I would do everything in my power, to be the only one that deserves him.


3. Don't Forget.


"Did you forget
That I was even alive
Did you forget
Everything we ever had
Did you forget
Did you forget
About me"

"Good morning Dawson! It's a lovely day, surprisingly not raining, and you have to get ready! So stop being lazy and get your ass out of bed," I woke to that coming from Clarissa. I opened my eyes to see she was towering over me. I groaned slightly, and hit her with a pillow, before sitting up.

"Jesus, no need to get physical," Clarissa mumbled, and I shoo'ed her.

"Go away so I can get changed" I yawned, and she nodded, throwing her hands up in defence as she backed out of my room. I gave a small smile, slightly content before sitting up. I ran a hand through my knotted brown hair, and slid my legs off of the bed, walking over to my closet.   I pulled out a floral dress, and yellow heels, changing into them afterwards. I brushed my hair out, and fixed my make up. My red bag was hanging near  the door, so I grabbed it, and made my way out to find Clarissa, looking once again at her magazine.

"Look at you! You're never ready for things early, this is weird," She coo'ed, and I rolled my eyes, watching as she walked over to me, leaving the magazine behind. She inspected, and I frowned, but twirled, and she grinned widely.

"Great, we still have an hour though she we might as well go for a walk," She said, walking past her magazine, and towards the door. I sighed softly, and rolled my eyes, picking it up after her. She looked back, and raised her eyebrow at me.

"Are you coming?" She asked as I dropped the magazine on the pile.

"What? Yeah, let's go," I smiled, before beginning to chew on my lower lip. 

I followed her out the door, and down the stairs, deep in thought. Of course, Niall Horan just had to be on the cover of that stupid magazine. He was going to be back in London, but I still wouldn't see him. I wouldn't be able to see him ever again, and I knew he had forgotten me.

"Dawson? You alright?" Clarissa asked. I turned to her, and smiled softly, nodding.

"Of course, why do you ask?" I asked, before looking away.

"You just seem kind of out of it," She frowned, and I sighed.

"Last night on television I heard Niall was in town, and I just... Never mind, look, let's just go, get my mind off of it, okay?" I suggested, and she chewed on her lip, before nodding, and linking arms with me.

We walked for the next hour, before finding ourselves at the park.

"So what's the name of your friend again?" I asked, looking over at Clarissa, who was inspecting her nails on a park bench.

"Nice try, still not telling you," She replied, not even bothering to look up. I rolled my eyes, choosing to stay standing. I paced back and forth a bit, and Clarissa chuckled slightly at me. I scowled at her, and she shrugged, before returning to her nails.

"Clarissa?" A voice said, and I turned my head towards where it came from.

Of course it had to be Liam Payne.

And the rest of One Direction.

I shot a glare over at Clarissa, and she gave me a smile, which I did not return. How could she? How could she do this to me? She knew I was just getting over him. Slightly. And then she had to go invite him and his friends to have lunch with him.

I looked to the ground, and it hit me. My head snapped up.

They were going to be here for the week.

That's why she had me take the week off.

I couldn't believe this.

"Oh, hi guys," Clarissa said, bringing me back to the real world. She had gotten off of the bench, and walked over to them, while I stayed behind her. She wasn't normally this outgoing with people, this had to have been planned.

I frowned, and tried not to make eye contact.

I was doing pretty well, ignoring the world, until Clarissa decided to take my arm, and tug me foreword.

"This is the girl I wanted you to meet," She grinned, linking her arm with mine. I gave them a small, empty smile, before returning my gaze somewhere else. I couldn't look at him, I wouldn't look at him.

But I had too.


She looked so familiar, it was incredibly annoying, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. She sure did remind me a lot of Dawson though, but it couldn't be her. Dawson wasn't so... I don't know, but something would've clicked if it were Dawson. 

In fact, Dawson would've said something by now. 

Unless she's forgotten about me.

She probably has.

She deserves better, a better best friend. I was terrible just letting her go like that. But it wasn't easy, I knew I wasn't going to be around so I didn't want her to like me. I wanted her to hate me, so she wouldn't miss me. 

I missed her like crazy.

My thoughts were ceased as Clarissa, Liam's friend, spoke once again.

"This is my friend, Dawson," She grinned, and my head snapped up.


It was Dawson.

It took all I had not to run over to her, and hug her, and tell her I'm so sorry. She wouldn't forgive me, Dawson wasn't the type.

"Dawson," I said accidentally, and she looked at me. I saw her brown eyes water, and I knew she was hurt, she missed me.

She missed me.

Oh my God, what have I done.

"Dawson, I'm sorry," I mumbled quietly, and she shook her head.

"Don't worry about it, I understand," She smiled, but it was fake and empty.

But I knew she didn't.

She didn't have a clue as to why I just dumped her. No more phone calls, no more texts, no more video chats. I didn't come in contact with her at all, how could someone understand that? I was so stupid.

"Can we talk?" I asked, and she shook her head, looking at everyone else. I knew she didn't want to, but I had too. I needed to explain to her why I did what I did. She needed to know how much I loved her. She was my best friend.

"I don't- I don't think that'd be a good idea right now," She said quietly, and I looked around, noticing the guys and Clarissa were far away anyway, giving us the privacy I had asked for. I noticed Liam sending me a thumbs up, and I nodded nervously.

Here I go.

"How've you been?" He asked, and we started walking a bit.

" As you can see, I've survived without you," I said bitterly, and he looked at the ground, frowning.

"I'm so sorry Dawes," Niall pleaded in front of me, he was the only one who ever called me Dawes,"I only didn't call you because I knew that if we stayed best friend, I would miss you too much, and I assumed you would miss me, and I just didn't want you to get hurt, and I wanted to be on top of my game for the whole band thing y'know. It didn't help though, I still missed you like crazy, and I wanted to see you but I couldn't bring myself to because I knew you would hate me, just like you probably do now.

And don't try to say you understand again, because you obviously don't, and this is probably just a waste of time. I didn't even know Liam was friends with you. Or friends with your friend I guess. I just- Dawson I'm sorry," He sobbed, and my heart dropped.

I couldn't stand it anymore, I didn't want to but I hugged him.

He just looked so...


And I had to forgive him.

He was mine, and this time he would stay mine.

Or at least, I hoped.


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