Enchanted - A Harry Love Story

Lee & Louis Has Been Best Friends Since The First Day Of Kindergarten. But When Lee Gave Louis The Best Birthday/Christmas Gift To Louis Everything Change ( BTW Not The Best Writer!!! :{D )


12. What Happened?!

Lee's POV

I Was Quiet For The Most Time But In Some Times I'll Talk TO The Girls.

--After Meeting Simon--At Home--

Louis' POV

So Now That Were Home I Can Talk To Lee. So Before She Got In The Door I Dragged Her Out And Let Everyone In. Why Are U Being So Quiet? "I Don't Want To Talk About It" Just Tell Me.. Please! "Fine. Long Or Short." Just Get To The Point Your Quiet. "Well Um.. Harry & I Kissed." Ok.. "Are Okay Lou?! Ya. I Said Quietly But Promise Me One Thing. Can You Promise That'll Be Your Last First Kiss WIth Harry?! "Sure." Lee Replied. 

Lee' POV

I Went Back Inside With Lou There Was Such A Sight. I Mean Liam & Niall Fighting Over Which Movie To Watch, Harry Messing Up Zayn's Hair, And Noah..Well Being Noah. For The Girls They Were Well Mad. Next Thing You Know A Bigger Mess Since Louis Joined. Louis Stop Taking All The Carrots! I Yelled At Him. But He Didn't. So The Girls And I Made A Plan. "WHO WANTS ICE CREAM? Pam And Joana Yelled. ME! The Boys Yelled Back. "Ok! Will Go For Ice Cream..But First U Have To Clean All Of This Mess!" Jamie Said. The Boys Started Cleaning Up As Fast As We Could See. "DONE" The Boys Exclaimed. Then Everybody Out And In The Car To Get Ice Cream.

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