Enchanted - A Harry Love Story

Lee & Louis Has Been Best Friends Since The First Day Of Kindergarten. But When Lee Gave Louis The Best Birthday/Christmas Gift To Louis Everything Change ( BTW Not The Best Writer!!! :{D )


10. Truth Or Dare

Louis' POV

Umm...Lee Truth Or Dare?! "Truth!" What's 2 Secrets U Never Told Me?! "That I Have A Tattoo On My Neck When U Said Not Too Get One & I Never Had A...First Kiss, I Mumbled The Last Part.

Lee's POV

I Looked Up At Lou With A Blank Expression. But He Finally Spoke And Said "Why Did U Get A Tattoo When I Said Not To?!" I Don't Know..I Guess I Just Wanted Too. I'm Gonna Get Some Fresh Air. I Replied Back. I Went  Out To The  Balcony, But I Didn't Know Harry Went Out With Me. "U Never Had A First Kiss?!' Harry Asked. Its Hard To Say No, But I Never Had One. We Were Staring At Each Other And I Didn't Even Realized He Was An Inch Away From Me, Then He Came And Kiss Me. After I Realized I Was Kissing Harry So I Pulled Back And Went Back In Seating Next To Lou And Whispering Sorry To Him. After Niall Exclaimed He Was Hungry So I Asked Pam If She Can Cook Something Since I'm The Worst Cook.

Pam's POV

Lee Asked Me If I Can Cook And Obviously I Said Yes But I Needed Help So I Asked Joana And Jamie If They Can Help And They Replied Saying Yes In Unison. I Got Them To Bring Out 11 Breads, 6 Eggs, Vanilla Extract, Sugar And Milk. We Were Cooking French Toast. We Cooked It Fast Cause Were All Starving. 

Louis POV

FOODS READY!!! Joana Yelled From The Dining Room. Everybody Stood Up And Ran To The Dining Room Especially Niall. There Was Only 5 Chairs So Lee Got Some 3 Extra Chairs. Joana & Pam Shared A Chair Same Camille & Jamie And For The Rest Of Us We Figured It Out. The Girls Not Including Lee Was Fooling Around Pam & Joana Were Telling Noah To Impersonate Celebrities, Jamie Kept On Making Camille Laugh When She Drinks So Camille Accidently Spit To Pam & Joana, It Was Hilarious. After We Were Picking Who Was Going To Wash The Dishes. So Jamie Suggested First One Who Laughs Washes The Dishes..Camille Lost So She Washed The Dishes.


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