Enchanted - A Harry Love Story

Lee & Louis Has Been Best Friends Since The First Day Of Kindergarten. But When Lee Gave Louis The Best Birthday/Christmas Gift To Louis Everything Change ( BTW Not The Best Writer!!! :{D )


11. Meeting Simon

Harry's POV

I Got A Call From Simon. He Said To Meet Him At His Studio, I Told The Gals & Guys.

Lee's POV

Harry Told Us There Meeting Simon At His Studio I Ask Him If Us Gals Can Come + Noah. He Said "Of-course". So I Told The Girls To Go Home And Get Ready And Meet Us Back Here They Only Live 4 Houses Away. I Went Upstairs And Picked Out A Outfit To Wear.   I Came Downstairs Waiting For The Wearing http://www.polyvore.com/too_casual/set?id=62559794#stream_box I Saw The Louis Came Down, So I Patted A Seat Next To Me.

Louis' POV

Lee Patted A Seat Down So I Seated Beside Her. So..About Your Tattoo, Can I See It?! "Sure" Lee Replied Quietly. It Looked Pretty But I Wouldn't Get It Since It Was A Girls Tattoo. It Was http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTdMVHu6U4Urs-QCu3AfP2-yrqb6HcoVKRfx7LV2bSYxe4gofKIog   The Rest Of The Guys Came Down And The Doorbell Rang So Lee Opened Up The Door For Them. When Everybody Was In I Asked if Everyone's Ready. They All Replied Saying Yup! Not Including Pam & Joana They Said No In A Sarcastic Tone. So Everyone Ran To The Not Including Harry, Lee, Pam & Joana. But Joana And Pam Were In Front Of Them So They Were Kinda..Alone But They Weren't Talking, I Know Something Happened Especially When Lee's Quiet Which She Was. 

--Later On--

Were Here!! I Yelled. "Jeez U Didn"t Have To Yell!" Joana Said.

End Of POV


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