Enchanted - A Harry Love Story

Lee & Louis Has Been Best Friends Since The First Day Of Kindergarten. But When Lee Gave Louis The Best Birthday/Christmas Gift To Louis Everything Change ( BTW Not The Best Writer!!! :{D )


9. Long Time No See

Lee's POV

I Saw My Friend Noah. I Met Him In 3rd Grade. Jamie Ended Up Calling Him.

Jamie's POV

Noah!!! I Yelled So That He Would Come Over. I Saw My Lil Sis A.k.a Joana's Face When I Called Him. She Always Had A Crush On Him Since 3rd Grade. 

Joana's POV

My Retarded Sister Jamie Called Noah. He Was Running Towards Us. I Didn't Know What To Do So I Stand Beside Pam(BFFL).

Pam's POV

I Can See That Joana Was Shocked That Her Sister Called Up Noah. We Haven't Talk For A Long Time! As Soon As He Got Near I Gave Him A Wave. Joana Just Stood There Shocked. 

Lee's POV

I Gave Him A Friendly Hug, At The Corner of My Eye I Could See Harry With Jealously In His Eyes And A Really Shocked Joana, Which Was Hilarious! I Asked Him If He Wanted To Come Over. "Yes" Noah Replied. Pam Ended Up Carrying Joana...As Soon As We Got To My House I Suggested To Watch A Insidious A Horror Movie. Camille Grabbed The Movie And Putted It To The DVD Player. I Sat Beside Harry On The Love-Seat, Louis, Camille, Pamela, Niall Sat On A Bean Bag Chair, And The Rest Sat On The Floor Not Including Jamie She Layed on The Floor. Louis Kept On Eyeing Harry & I He's Being Protective Again Since I Younger Than Him Anyways. On The Scary Part Camille And Pam Always Screamed But Mostly Camille, It Was Hilarious And As For Jamie She Took Control Of The Remote And Rewind Some Of The Scary Parts To Make Camille & Pam Scream. 

Harry's POV

Lee Fell Asleep On Me She Looked So Peaceful So I Didn't Wake Her Up. After The Movie Joana & Jamie Kept On Scaring Pam & Camille, But It Didn't Worked For Pam Anymore So She Joined Joana & Jamie. Lee Has Some Amazing Friends. When Everybody Was Asleep I Was On Twitter Reading Some Tweets. I Felt Lee Move And Accidentally Drop My Phone On Her Head And Well...She Woke Up Rubbing Her Head. Sorry! I Whispered. "Its Ok" She Whispered Back. 

Lee's POV 

I Woke Up With A Harry Whispering Sorry To Me. I Asked Him If He Can Go Upstairs With Me. He Replied Saying "Why You're Scared?! And Yes." He Went Up To My Room And Told Him To Stay At My Room While I Take A Quick Shower. I Wore My Cute Mustache Pj's And Went To My Room Where I Found Harry Snooping. "Sorry"  He Said In A Not So Apologetic Tune. U Know I Don't Really Care I Told Him. C'mon Lets Go Back Downstairs.

Louis' POV

I Woke Up In The Middle Of The Night I Was Looking For Lee And Harry But They Were Gone, But I Saw A Bright Light Upstairs At Lee's Room So I Headed Up There. When I Reached Her Room Lee Was About To Leave But Blocked The Path And Asked Lee If "Something" Happened That I Didn't Know. "Yah Like Who Doesn't Know" She Replied Sarcastically, Which Means Nothing Happened. We All Headed Downstairs And Everyone Was Awake. So...What Can We Do?! Jamie Yelled "CAN WE PLAY TRUTH OR DARE" I Guess So...Who Wants To Start?! ME!!! "Ok Lou!" Joana Said Quietly.



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