Enchanted - A Harry Love Story

Lee & Louis Has Been Best Friends Since The First Day Of Kindergarten. But When Lee Gave Louis The Best Birthday/Christmas Gift To Louis Everything Change ( BTW Not The Best Writer!!! :{D )


13. Jealously & Pranking

Joana's POV

I Like Hanging Out Lee She's A Fun Friend. But She's Sometimes Too Girly! Well Lee We Have To Head. "Ok! Do U Need A Drop Off?!" No. "Ok. Is Pam, Jamie & Camille Going With U?!" Yes. "Bye"

Lee's POV

SO...What Do We Do Now?! "Well Actually Lee Can U Drop Me Off?! Noah Asked Politely. Sure. Liam Your In-Charge. "Ok" Liam Replied. C'mon Noah!

Harry's POV

I Think Lee Is Just Making Me Jealous. She Not Talking To Me Since The Kiss. The Boys And I Decided To Watch A Movie.

Lee's POV

Noah Talks A Lot! I'm Not Really Close To Him But Pam Is. I've Been Trying To Avoid Harry But Thats Hard Since His So Freaking Handsome!

--At Home--

I Soon As I Opened Up The Door I Was Expecting A Big Mess, But They Were All Watching A Movie. They Didn't Even Noticed I Arrived So I Headed To My Room To Change. I Came Out In The Living Room Joining The Boys Wearing http://www.polyvore.com/home_styling/set?id=62788057#stream_box  I Sat Beside Louis. I Didn't Even Know What We Were Watching So I Left. I Went To The Kitchen To Try And Cook Something. But I Ended Up Calling Pizza I Ordered At Least 3 Kinds Of Pizza. As Soon As The Came The Boys Ate 2 Or 3 Slices, But Went Overboard.

--After Dinner--

I Called Up Joana & Pam For A Sleepover. But Joana Couldn't Come Since She Was Going To Her Friends House. So Jamie Came Instead And Pam Is Also Coming.  The Doorbell Rang So Ran And Opened Up The Door. The Boys Were Still Watching A Movie. But Once In A While I Could See Harry Looking At Me. Once I Told The Boys Were Gonna Have A Sleepover So They Have To Sleep At The Basement And They Can't Prank Us. We Headed Up Stairs To My  Room. 

Jamie's POV

Lee Can We Prank Them?! "But I Told The Boys Were Not Pranking." No, You Said They Can't Prank Us! "Fine! But What Are We Gonna Do?!" "I Got An Idea!" Pam Exclaimed. SO..What Is It?? Lee And I Said At The Same Time. "Well I Was Thinking If We Can Put Make-up On There Face When They're Sleeping. I Brought My Make-up Bag! Pam Replied To Our Question. Yah! I Said Excitedly. Lee You Spy On Them. Pam Get Which Make-up Were Gonna Use And For Me I'll Help You Guys If U Need Help. "But I'm Not A Good Spyer!" Lee Said. Then Switch Place With Pam! "Okay" Lee Exclaimed.

Pam's POV 

I Ran Upstairs Quietly. Guys They're Asleep! "Lets Get This Party Started!" Jamie Said In A Evil Tone. Soon We Went To The Basement Quietly With Our  Weapons. Lee Did Louis, Jamie Did Niall And I Did Zayn. As Soon As Lee Was Done She Did Liam. I Asked Jamie For Help To Do Harry After. But It Wouldn't Be Complete If We Don't Take Pictures..So We Did! Then WE Headed Back Upstairs.

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