Enchanted - A Harry Love Story

Lee & Louis Has Been Best Friends Since The First Day Of Kindergarten. But When Lee Gave Louis The Best Birthday/Christmas Gift To Louis Everything Change ( BTW Not The Best Writer!!! :{D )


16. Caught

Niall's POV

It Was A Very Long Day. Tomorrow We Have To Do Some Video. When We Got Home I Asked Everyone If They Wanted To Watch A Scary Movie. Jamie Said Yes Right Away, She Loves Scary Movies. Then What Movie. "I'll Pick!" Jamie Exclaimed. "NO! Don't Let Her Pick She's Unexpected. Plus Can We Invite Joana And Camille?! So I Have A Screaming Buddy." Sure. Pam Called Joana And Camille And They Said They'll Come. We Waited For Them To Come And When They Did Lee, Pam & Jamie Hid To Scare Them. Ya, It Didn't Work Out. So Now That There Here We Were Decided Where We Were Sitting. So, Louis, Joana, Camille & I Sat On The Bean Bag Chairs. Jamie & Pam Laid On The Ground. Harry And Lee Were On The Sofa Like The Last Time And For Zayn And Liam They Sat On The Floor. 

Louis' POV

I Can Tell Lee Up To Something. We Watched The Movie And Like The Last Time Camille Was Screaming But Not Pam, She Wasn't Scared She Just Laughed At Camille.

Harry's POV

Lee Fell Asleep On Me Again. But I Was Ok With It, And Yet I Dropped My Phone On Her Again. Everyone Was Sleeping She Woke Up Giggling. She Stood Up And Grabbed My Wrist And We Went To Her Bedroom. "Harry, Promise Don't Tell Anyone About What Happened Earlier?!" Promise! So..Does This Mean Were Dating?! "If U Want Too." Instead Of Saying Yes I Kissed Her But We Started Making Out. "LEE, What Are You Doing?!" Louis Yelled. She Pulled Away Right Away.

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