Enchanted - A Harry Love Story

Lee & Louis Has Been Best Friends Since The First Day Of Kindergarten. But When Lee Gave Louis The Best Birthday/Christmas Gift To Louis Everything Change ( BTW Not The Best Writer!!! :{D )


19. CARROTS?!?!

Lee's POV

CARROTS?! "TACOS?!"  "What's Going On?!" Louis Asked. Well That Girl With You Is My Carrot. We Hanged Out In School, You Know When You Mostly Didn't Even Pay Attention To Me! 

Louis' POV

I Know..She's My Carrot Now. "Lee's My Taco Now!" Harry Joined In. After That I Saw Lee Remove Harry's Arm Around Her Waist. Lee Then Grabbed Libby And Went To Downstairs Talking Away. "You Ignored Lee In High School?!" Sometimes. She Was Popular For Being So Nice And Supportive. Every Guys Like Her. "Even You?!" O.o Ya, Only As A Friend.

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