Enchanted - A Harry Love Story

Lee & Louis Has Been Best Friends Since The First Day Of Kindergarten. But When Lee Gave Louis The Best Birthday/Christmas Gift To Louis Everything Change ( BTW Not The Best Writer!!! :{D )


14. Beautiful Boys

Lee's POV

I Woke Seeing 5 Boys With Make-up On. I Ended Up Cracking Up. They Asked Me Why I Was Laughing But I Couldn't Speak. So They All Ran To The Bathroom. "ELIANA" I Heard Yelling At The Bathroom So I Rushed There With The Girls. "Where's The Make-up Remover?!" Louis Asked. "How Does He Know That?!' Jamie Asked. Obviously Me. I Replied To Her Question. "Where Is It?" Zayn Asked. "Better Find It Fast Before We Do!" Pam Grinned. All The Boys Ran & Try To Find It But We Found It First.

Jamie's POV

Hey Boys! They All Turned Around And Ran Towards Us. They Didn't Get It Since I Passed It Lee And  She Ran Around The House. She's Fast! Harry Was Chasing Her While The Other Boys Was hasing Us So Lee Can't Pass It To Us, But Were Pretty Fast Too. But They Caught Pam Since She Give Up, But I'm Not Stopping Now!

Harry's POV

Lee's A Fast Runner. I Almost Catched Her When She Tripped On Something I Fell On Top Of Her, But Not Only That...Our Lips Met! But She Pulled Back Right And Started Teasing Me, She Rolled On Top Of Me & Ran Right Away. I Ran As Fast As I Could And Catch Up To Her I Grabbed Her By The Wrist And Grabbed The Make-up Remover And Ran To The Bathroom Without Telling The Boys. The Boys Then Realized That Was In The Bathroom And Joined Me. "Don't Use It All!" Lee Yelled. "Too Late!" Yelled Back. 

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