Where Have you Been?

A girl named Jully visits england to stay with her friend for a while, after her friend Victoria forgot to pick her up, Jully bumps into Harry and meets him, a week or more she had to go back to canada, Victoria gets married to Niall in 3 more years, Jully comes back for the wedding, sees Harry and married him, but would Kyle try to ruin their relationship? Ashley comes since Jully left, Jully finally saw Ashley, and shes already married to Louis, what else is gonna happen? Guess you'll just have to find out..


18. Stuck

Louis' P.O.V

Me and Ashley were in the airplane, We were in the sky.. Ashleys so close to giving birth, It might come 2 more days, So excited yet so nervous, we were still in the sky, and I'm like panicing, Ashley's trying to calm me down, but It's not working, we're up in the sky in ireland. IRELAND! What if we crash? Or got stuck in the sky? Or WHAT IF? Apperently the guy whos driving the plane made an announcment that the airplane doesn't have enough gas, so we're landing in Ireland, I'm so scared. When we go to Ireland I'm making Harry drive all the way to Ireland to come pick us up.

We went down to Ireland, and we have no phone nothing, no money NOTHING. So we walked, Yes we walked.. we were walking and there was a car near by us, their window pulled down.


"Yes Love It's me Lo-" as soon as I was gonna say something the car drove away, We decided to go back to the airport and try going on the plane again, Until I checked my pockets and my phone was in it! I'm so stupid,I texted Niall where I was

Me: I'm in Ireland, HELP MEH!

Mah Irish bitch: Give me $20 and I'll come

Me: do you want me and my wife to die in ireland alone when she has to give birth in 2 more days?

Mah Irish bitch: Fine, Fine calm your lou balls, I'm on my way

I gave him the adress and everything, we waited for like an hour. until his privet jet came in and put his latter down, I let Ashley go up first because if she falls, I can be there to catch her, We got inside and I slapped Nialls head "THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR TAKING TO LONG!" I yelled, "Oh I see you wanna go back down?" He asked."No, NOW DRIVE THIS SHIT." I yelled, We finally arrived back to england, when we got home I went straight to bed, so did Ashley.

Zayn's P.O.V

Olivia Is really cute, we have been on a few dates and everything.. But I just don't feel it. She doesn't talk alot, all she does is stare at me, which is creeping me out, she was suppose to come over tonight, but she hasn't come yet. I'm starting to get a worry from her, Until I got a text from her that says 'Help' What does she mean by 'Help' I called her and no answer I called again and there was an answer,

"Hello?" a strange voice came on the phone.

I grab my recorder, like how Harry did to Caroline and talked Put it on speaker though

"Is Olivia there?" I asked.

"No, I killed the bitch, She deserved it for breaking my heart" The strange voice said.

I got worried and I grabbed my keys and left, I drove to Olivia's house and I see a broken window, I see Olivia dead on the ground, I found a piece of paper, "Zayn, when I find you, Good luck." I got a bit scared so I went to go show the police, They reconized their writing and voice, they track down the cell, because if I haven't mentioned he took Olivias phone too. and the cops are on their way, They got me alot of body gaurds to help me.

The next day they caught him "YOUR LUCK MALIK, YOUR LUCKY!" He yelled, They locked him up in jail.

Ashley's P.O.V

The twins are coming tomorrow!! Yaay, I was just downstairs eating breakfest when I felt my water broke, I screamed Lou's name and he came running downstairs, I told him the twins are coming now.

"BUT THEY'RE SUPPOSE TO COME TOMORROW!!" Louis yelled all supprised.

"WELL I GUESS THEY'RE COMING NOOOOOW!" I screamed in pain, Louis grabbed me and put me in the back seat and drove quickly.

Louis' P.O.V

the twins are coming, I'm panicing, they're putting Ashley on the bed thing, I called the others and told them and they came ASAP, I wanted Niall and Victoria the God parents. Jully was holding hands with Harry, Harry said "So this is what's gonna happen if Jully gives birth to our baby when we come here." Jully gave him a look like 'what the fuck?' I started Laughing at Jullys face. But I see Zayn flirting with one of the nurses, that man whore, MY WIFE IS ABOUT TO GIVE BIRTH AND HE DECIDES TO FLIRT?

Ashley started yelling at me. "LOUIS! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!"

"How is it my fault?" I asked

"YOUR THE ONE WHO DECIDED TO PUT YOUR DICK IN ME, NOW THIS IS PAINFUL! LOUIS IM GONNA KICK YOUR ASS AFTER THIS!" Ashley yelled, I kinda got scared so I grabbed a carrot and ate behind Harry's back. I'm sorry when I'm either nervous or scared I eat carrots.

The first boy came out, than 10 minutes later the girl came out, We named them William and Nicole, Our middle names. They're so adorable, William Tomlinson and Nicole Tomlinson, What adorable little kids huh? My mom came in and she started holding them, Ashley was finally calmed down. I thought she actually meant she would kick my ass. Zayn came in and said "Hey guys, This Is Jada, We met eachother a few years back, but I didn't had the chance to talk to her." "Hello." Jada said smiling. I think this girl is gonna be better than Olivia, "you don't by any chance have a killer ex boyfriend right?" I asked worried. "No, why?" she asked.. " ughhh, no reason." I answered.

Jully's P.O.V

Those twins were so adorable, I saw how Harry looked at those kids, like he wants to have one day, he smiled at me. "I can't wait till we have kids together one day, You'll be the one in the bed laying down there and I'll be standing holding our child." Harry whispered smiling. "Yea Harry, and you would so love how I'll be yelling at you, and be blaming you for getting me preggo, right Harry?" I whispered back, he gave me a worried look, I hugged him and he hugged me back, I honestly don't wanna let go of his warmth hug.


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