Where Have you Been?

A girl named Jully visits england to stay with her friend for a while, after her friend Victoria forgot to pick her up, Jully bumps into Harry and meets him, a week or more she had to go back to canada, Victoria gets married to Niall in 3 more years, Jully comes back for the wedding, sees Harry and married him, but would Kyle try to ruin their relationship? Ashley comes since Jully left, Jully finally saw Ashley, and shes already married to Louis, what else is gonna happen? Guess you'll just have to find out..


30. OOOOO. Double date.


Ashley's P.O.V

I was driving to the Hospital since I heard about Louis and Harry, I was driving quickly, until I saw Jully walking, I pulled up, and I see her talking with a guy, wait... NOT JUST A GUY, OH MY..IS THAT JACK? JULLY'S NEVER WILL TALK TOO CRUSH IN ELEMENRTY?. Wait, they're done talking, that quickly, I think Jully thinks it's still awkward, Oh Jully, she makes everything awkward when it comes to the pass, wait. HE SHOULD KNOW JULLY IS MARRIED TO HARRY MOTHER FUCKING STYLES.

Since Jully left, I wanna pretend to bump into him and talk to him, so I'll just park here and walk straight up. As soon as I got out of the car, I fell and got mud on my white T-shirt and my black jeans wasn't noticable, I see a guy with brown hair and nice brown eyes running towards me.


"Nooo, I'm not Okay, oh and did I really fall? I thought the ground wanted a hug, with all the mud!" I rudly sarcasticly said.

"Hey, I know that sarcasticness from anywhere, ASHLEY!" he said.

"Who are you?" I said pretending like I don't know who he was, I tried not to make my laugh noticable, I think he noticed, but he ignored it.

"You know Jack? From elementry? The one that Jully use to like, and whenever you were near us, you would annoy her by saying OOO LALA JULLY GO GET YOUR MAN, or OOOO JULLY or you would say MHHM HES LOOKING FINE TODAY, and Jully would get all pissed off at you for that, but shes wouldn't stay mad at you, I mean it's Jully? Remember what Rosemita did to her in grade 8 with me, and she got so pissed, she didn't talk to her for a week, but when it comes to you, its like a day, WAIT NOT EVEN A DAY A FUCKING SECOND." He yelled.

"Yo, calm your balls.. and we were bestfriends, I know she hated it when I would do that, and I would make her laugh when shes mad at me, and she kept on laughing andwouldn't stay mad at me, and yeah because Rosemita was being a bitch saying HEY JACK, HEEEEY JULLY LOVES YOU, OOOOO. HEEEEY like annoying you to death, and I did the oolala thing because I wanted to get you guys closer and talk." I explained.



"Sh-sh-shes pregnant." he asked.


"You know what, you have an attitude." He said all pissed.

"Awww, theres the Angry Jack I use to know, I swear I don't know why Jully liked you? lmfaao remember Lisa 'Shut up Jully lover' and you puched her, than she was running around saying YOU HAVE NO ASS, YOU GOT WHOLES IN YOUR PANTS, omg, I died.. I couldn't hold it in, until you gave me a death glare, I got creeped out." I said burst out of laughter.

Jack was just standing there like hes all pissed off.

Jack's P.O.V

I couldn't believe Ashley told me that Jullys pregnant, She is right, I could of just go out with Jully a few years back, Now it's too late, wait what am I talking about? I have a fiance, anyway, I'll ask for Ashley's number.

"Can I have your number?" I asked.

"Ew since when did you have a phone?" She said "BUT GIVE ME YOU PHONE NOW, I WANNA SEE IT.!!" She yelled. I gave it to her, and she noticed I put Jully's contact number as 'Jules.' she started laughing at me, "Can you write your fucking number? Or are you snooping in my message too." I gave her an Idea, fuck. what the fuck is wrong with me. "Ooolala, Jackkie is going on a double date with Jully and Harry, and, and wait.., EW YOU HAVE A FIANCE.?" She yelled all surprised.

"I swear, you do have an attitude, can I have my phone back." I said all pissed off.

She noticed I was already angry and annoyed, she gave me my phone back and I noticed she put her contact as it 'Ashley Tomlinson.' I could of swore her last name was something else, maybe shes married too. just than she said she was going to the hospital to see her husband, he got into an accitend or something, so I let her go.

Louis' P.O.V

I was talking to Harry, He seems really happy after Jully kissed him and everything. Hmm. I wonder whats up in his head, eh. too lazy to ask, as soon as I was gonna say something, I see Ashley coming up, and her shirt was all dirty.


"I fell out of the car." She replied.

"Awww, My poor baby, are you okay?" I asked.

"Nooo, I'm not okay.. I saw a Monkey and got terrified to death." She saracstically said.

"Oh, woow.. the MONKEH HUH?" I said.

'YEAAH. A SEXY MONKEY." She said. We have this thing when one of us is being sarcastic the other agrees, and they say a compliment about the sarcastic thing, when we were laughing together Harry just ruined the moment by saying.


We ignored him, we all started talking, and Ashley left. Hmm, She said when I come home, shes gonna have to tell me something.

few days later.

Harry's P.O.V

I sat there waiting for Jully, well I just finished talking to her on the phone, a minute came by, and she was just like that, she was so excited to see me, I missed her hugs, I went in for a kiss, and she kissed me back, than we heard a little boy screaming from the backround "GET A ROOM!" Jully thank yelled back "IT'S OKAY, YOU'LL KISS SOMEONE LIKE THIS ONEDAY, AND WATCH WHEN I COME IN AND THROW PIE UP YOUR FACE SCREAMING TO GET A ROOM!"

I couldn't believe Jully, We both started laughing, until their father came in, Jully drove as fast as she can, we went home and we were happy.

"we're going on a double date tomorrow night." She said.

"Oh with who?" I asked.

"An old friend from elementry, Jack, With his fiance." She replied.

"Oooo Jack, seems like a buffy guy, am I better than him?" I asked.

"You're hotter, sexier, and buffier than him." Jully said, than winked at me.

I went to bed, because I was really tired, Louis kept me up all night last night, he kept talking about his twins, his fucking carrot he lost, and wouldn't stop crying, than he said Kevin ate it, and he cried even more, the worst thing is, Ashley came in, and they were talking SO FUCKING LOUD, HOLY.. Sorry, I get cranky when it comes to sleeping, I went up and took my pants off and my shirt off, and went to bed with my boxers, Jully came up and took her clothes off and wore my T-shirt, I love how it looks like a dress on her. She came in bed and her head was on my chest, "I feel safe when I'm around you Harold." She said, she thinks it's cute to call me Harold, I hold her tightly "Go to bed, My little cupcake" I said kissing her forhead, I stopped hugging her tightly, and she held on to me so tight, like something was gonna chase her or something.

She got a text from someone, We both read the text message, It was from a contact number, RandomJack.

RandomJack: Heey.

Jully: Sorry, can't talk right now.

RandomJack: Oh, well just wanted to say, a few days ago, I saw Ashley.

Jully: Oh okayy, thats nice..

RandomJack: Yeah, did your husband came back from the hospital?

Jully: Yeah, He says Hi.

RandomJack: say Hi back.

Jully: Okay Bye.

RandomJack: Bye.

Than she put her phone away. "what was all that about?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" She replied.

"Well, whenever he says something, you're just like "cant talk, oh thats nice bla bla bla' , It's like you're not even intrested in what hes saying" I said.

"Well, in elementry he was my old crush, and it was really awkward that time, whenever we were near eachother it was just awkward, I think it's still awkward talking to him, I don't like him or anything, I just think it's awkward, He also said he wants to be bestfriends" She said.

"Ooo, well remember, I don't like sharing." I said, I grabbed her and started to kiss her, she was giggling because I was on her. "YOU HEAVY, GET OFF OF ME YOU FAT RAPEST!" She yelled.

"HAHA NO!." He said

"Waiit, I just remembered something!" She said.

"Whaat?" I asked.

"Todays December 31st, tomorrows new years eve!" She said

"oh, PARTY TIME!" I yelled.

"Oh and theres something else too!" She said.

"And?" I wondered.

"THAT YOU A FATTY!" She pulled me off of her, and ended up on top of me.

"Ohhh, now whos the rapest now?" I said.

"Still you." She said.

While she was on top of me, she hugged me tightly and went to sleep, while sleeping right on top of me, I guess I'm stuck like this. great.. I'm kind of worried about the whole Jack thing, what if she starts liking Jack, and leave me? I mean, She wouldn't do that? I'm the father of her child.

The next day, Louis and Ashley barged in on our door, and came upstairs and they noticed Jully was on top of me, Louis than yelled "DOG PILE!" Louis was on top of Jully and Ashley was on top of Louis, And the bad thing is, I'm at the bottom, Than suddenly poparazzi came inside and took pictures, than ran away.


The poparazzi shut the door, and left. a few minutes later Louis started to get all sad because the poparazzi didn't come back with carrots, Everyone got off of me, besides Jully, I grabbed her and carried her like a baby.


we nodded our heads, Ashley and Louis left, so it was me and Jully only.. 2 months pregnant, great. We got bored and we don't know if its a boy or a girl, so Jully told me to come up with names, I said if it's a girl, It has to be Darcy, she agreed with me, and I said if it's a boy, It has to be Edward. My face was happy. "THATS MY MIDDLE NAME!" I yelled. "I know, I like naming my kids by their fathers middle name, or my middle name." she said. I went in and hugged her.

I called Niall to see if he was going to Liam's party, but hes not gonna make it, because he is going to spend time with Victoria and Juliet in the hospital. Me and Jully went downstairs to eat breakfest, She cooked bacon, with grilled cheese sandwhiches, with orange juice, and some dippy eggs, "Now that what I call a woman a wife." I randomly said . "Oh shush it, Lazy ass husband" She said. I winked at her and we both started giggling, after breakfest, we both watched  a movie, than after that it was 3:00 pm Already, woow time flies. We walked around the area, we were covered up, just in case, and we were holding hands, a random girl came up to Jully and said "Do you have a $1.00?" Jully have her $10. "God bless you soul." The lady said and walked away.

"Why are you so nice to people?" I asked.

"I don't know." She replied.

I kissed her forhead. She realised something.

"wait, the party starts tonight?" she said. "We have to cancel the plans we made for Jack, unless we do one nooow? It's only 4:25." She said, I nodded my head and she called him, We ran home and change into our fancy clothes, we went out the door, and went to a fancy restourant. We didn't see Jack so we made a table, We went in for our table and we sat there waiting for him.

"Jully you look very hot today, especially this morning when you were on top of me." I whispered.

"Harry, we shouldn't be talking about this in a fancy resourant." Jully giggled. We both started laughing, until Jack came in and ruined our moment "What're you guys laughing about?" He said.

Harry got up and said "Hi, I'm Harry, Jully's Husband, and you must be Jack?"

"Yes, I'm Jack and this is my fiance, Rebecca." He said. Jully was about to shake her hand, until Rebecca made a face like shes discusting, when Rebecca reached in for Jully's hand, Jully just didn't want to shake it anymore, so Rebecca looked like a retard for sticking her hand out like that, I started to giggle, I sat next to Jully.

"His fiance is a bitch." I whispered.

"She needs to stop acting so rude, before I slap that fake-ness off of her ugly self." She whispered back.

I started to giggle loud, Jack noticed that I was giggling after Jully whispered me something, I think somebodys a bit jelouse.. Hmmm.

"So, tell me, how did you guys meet?" Jully asked.

"Well, I was working at a coffee shop, and Rebecca came in to order something, and I couldn't stop laying eyes on her, after I got her order, I gave her my number, when she noticed she winked at me, and than, we started to talk to eachother more often, and we got to know eachother, 2 years after, we were so official, I proposed, what about you and Harry?" Jack said.

"Oh, well how me and Harry met, we-" Jully said, but as soon as she was gonna say something I cut in to her.

"No no Jully, I'll explain, I'll always keep this memory, and I will never forget, so How me and Jully met, She came to visit England, for her friend, Her friend ditched her and I ran into her, We both started making eye contact, We started talking, and I asked her where she was going, and she said she was gonna walk alone to her friends house, I wouldn't let her walk alone, It could be back, So I offered to give her a drive, but she wanted to use the washroom, so we made a pitstop, while she was in the washroom, I found her Ipod, so I took it and wrote a note, something about getting her Ipod back if we can bump into eachother again, than I added in my number into that note, when we were still driving, it took long, I couldn't believe it, Her walking this long to her friends house? Noo way, A few days later her and her friend went to a club, I was a bit drunk, Jully told me this part, so I went up to her and said "YOU ME, BED NOW." Than I passed out, She carried me and took me to her friends house, cause shes staying there for the night, I slept over, and I thought we did something, but we didn't, I was worried, I didn't wanted to lose my virginity or anything, than after that we started to talk and everything, and we became official, until she had to move back to canada for another 3 years, and came back, finally, and I propose to her when she came back, and I really love her." I said, Jully gave me a nice soft kiss, I could tell that Jack was a bit jelouse, but No, JULLYS MINE.. MINE MINE MINE MINE! I DON'T SHARE, NO WAY.

It was 6:00, The date was over, so we went home, After that, Me and Jully watched another movie, and it was 7:40. Me and Jully went out the door, and drove to Liam's party, When we got inside, everyone was hyper, I went to check if there was any Beer or something, but no, I realised its LIAMS house, so we just have juice, or energy drinks, with good food, there was a slow song, so everyone grabbed their partner, I couldn't find Jully anywhere, Until I see her standing near where there was juice, I grabbed her, and started to dance with her, She caught me staring at her beautiful chocolate brown eyes, and the way her wavy hair just goes down, and how she looks, I found the most sexyiest wife ever!. While we were in the moment together. Something happened.


A/N: sorry if I took too long again, I took another nice nap. and It was gooooooooood, Hope you like this chapter my little kitties, BYE! MUAH.

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